24th Oct2019

‘Patina’ Short Film Review

by Alain Elliott

Stars: Alan Maxson, Annabel Barrett, Matt Kelly | Written and Directed by Alan Maxson The Twilight Zone and more recently Black Mirror have created future worlds that aren’t so great. Featuring things we should worry about and usually making technology seem like something we should be very wary of. Patina follows that idea, with robots that […]

21st Jan2017

New trailer for ‘Bloodsucka Jones vs. The Creeping Death’

by Phil Wheat

Written and directed by Justin Armao, Bloodsucka Jones vs. The Creeping Death is the forthcoming sequel to Armao’s 2013 blaxploitation flick Bloodsucka Jones (which was essentially “Black Dynamite” versus vampires) and sees the titular character – played once again by Preston Gant – hit the streets and take on an army of zombies. Official synopsis: […]