26th Feb2014

LEGO Mixels: Series 1 – Teslo, Vulk & Seismo Review

by Phil Wheat

LEGO Mixels is a brand new collection of mini, pocket-money sized building sets which will be released in three series throughout the year, enabling children to mix and match the colourful, mischievous Mixels characters, and create their own weird and wacky story lines. Series 1 is made up of three quirky tribes to collect: the […]

05th Jan2014

Review: Creative Labs SoundBlaster EVO Zx Headphones

by Phil Wheat

Product: SoundBlaster EVO Zx Headphones Manufacturer: Creative Labs Input: Wireless (NFC) and/or 3.5mm jack RRP: £199.99 I’ve reviewed and road-tested plenty of different makes and models of headphones and earphones over the years and for the longest time I kept on going back to my trusty pair of iLuv earphones that I’ve had almost three […]

21st Dec2013

Review: NOW TV

by Phil Wheat

As someone who wants it all when it comes to home entertainment – the ability to access online content, be able to stream my own media and to watch the occasional bit of live TV. And I’ve tried a number of devices in my quest to find the “one.” Apple TV, Ouya, PS3 and even […]

21st Oct2013

The encouraging advancement of Netflix UK

by Chris Cummings

In January, 2012, Netflix launched in the UK as an exclusive streaming service, offering film and television at the simple click of a button for the low price of £6 per month, with the first month usually being offered for free as a trial. In the UK, Lovefilm had been the predominant service for rentals […]

14th Oct2013

‘KitSound MYFM’ Review (iPhone)

by Phil Wheat

The KitSound MYFM is an FM radio transmitter that easily connects to any car radio, supplying quality sound and allowing you to tap into the thousands of tracks you have on your iPod or iPhone. The device is easy to use, just connect it into your iPod/iPhone charge socket and with one push of the […]

07th Sep2013

‘Re’ Universal IR Remote Control Review (iPhone)

by Phil Wheat

The NewKinetix NK100 Re Universal IR Remote Control is an accessory – with accompanying app – that will turn your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into a universal remote control that works in any room of your home on a myriad of compatible devices. Much like standard universal remotes – if the Re app has […]

26th Mar2013

LEGO Ninjago “Garmatron” Review

by Phil Wheat

An unboxing and build of the LEGO Garmatron set from the Ninjago line…

26th Mar2013

‘Razer Chimaera 5.1 Wireless Headset’ Review

by Phil Wheat

Originally available in a stereo iteration, Razer’s Chimaera 5.1 Wireless headset has had something of a makeover, adding 5.1 Dolby surround sound in the process. Billed as the “ultimate surround sound gaming headset for the Xbox 360″ the Chimaera headphones are however the latest in a long line of overly-expensive and over-specced headsets packed with […]

26th Mar2013

Sol Republic Tracks HD Headphones Review

by Phil Wheat

Product: Tracks HD headphones Manufacturer: Sol Republic Input: 3.5mm jack (with in-line control) RRP: £99.95 I’ve reviewed and road-tested plenty of different makes and models of headphones and earphones over the years – yet I still keep going back to the same pair of iLuv in-earphones each and every time. However I’m always on the […]

15th Mar2013

Pioneer BCS-SB626 3D Surround Sound Blu-ray Player Review

by Phil Wheat

Along with Blu-ray playback and 2.1 Virtual 3D Sound, Pioneer BCS-SB626 offers HDMI, built-in wifi, a mini jack for portable music devices, Bluetooth compatibility, a front USB input and an iPod / iPhone cradle. It even includes a microphone input for karaoke singing, allowing you to adjust Mic Volume and Echo Control. On top of all regular […]

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