21st Sep2023

Frightfest 2023: ‘Transmission’ Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Angela Cela, Charles Chudabala, Nicole Cinaglia , Sheri Davis, Marcella Di Pasquale, Jessica Cameron, Felissa Rose, Jennifer Nangle, Sadie Katz, Alan Maxson, Dave Sheridan, Vernon Wells, Noel Jason Scott, Maria Shapley | Written and Directed by Michael Hurst Directed by Michael J. Hurst, who has vast genre experience – helming films such as House […]

12th Jul2023

‘Alien Planet’ Review

by James Rodrigues

Stars: Hunter C. Smith, Alexandra Bokova, Eric Prochnau, Naiia Lajoie, Richard Dorton, Daniel Edward Masterson, Rob Batie, Donald Russell  | Written and Directed by Alan Maxson Best known for his work playing monsters and creatures, Alan Maxson has a fascinating career containing credits such as The Gingerdead Man’s mouth, Shark Fuel Fiend, and King Ghidorah’s […]

22nd Jul2021

‘Genevieve (2021)’ Review

by Alain Elliott

Stars: Nicholas Michael Jacobs, Alan Maxson | Written and Directed by Nicholas Michael Jacobs Even with the brilliant recent horror hit Host coming in at a run time of a little under sixty minutes, it doesn’t seem to have started a trend of shorter timed movies. But maybe the makers of Genevieve were encouraged at […]

24th Oct2019

‘Patina’ Short Film Review

by Alain Elliott

Stars: Alan Maxson, Annabel Barrett, Matt Kelly | Written and Directed by Alan Maxson The Twilight Zone and more recently Black Mirror have created future worlds that aren’t so great. Featuring things we should worry about and usually making technology seem like something we should be very wary of. Patina follows that idea, with robots that […]