05th May2021

Wolverine Wednesday #43

by Ian Wells

Wolverine #11

Writer: Benjamin Percy | Artist: Scot Eaton | Inker: JP Mayer | Colourist: Matthew Wilson | Letters: Cory Petit

So after the tenth issue milestone we pick up again with the vampire/Omega Red story line which could left behind with ‘X of Swords’ and then the recent Maverick arc. #5 was in fact when Wolverine tangled with his Russian foe and the Vampire Nation. As I have stated before (many times I’m sure) Percy writes a brilliant internal monologue for Wolverine. In the opening four pages he uses it to brilliant effect to deliver a fast paced, straight to the point catch the reader up on this plot thread from #5. All accompanied but Eaton’s Wolverine on the hunt art work. In these four pages there is no wasted story telling. There must have been a dozen or so X-Men/Wolverine/Vampire stories of the years. What I like about this one is that it is tied into te fabric of the X-Mens new status quo of living on Krakoa and decalring themselve a nation. The Vampires want the same thing and while it might be lazy having Wolverine’s blookd being key I am looking forward to seeing how this pans out. Plus it has the added element of this always menacing Omega Red. I have enjoyed the direction Percy has taken him. It all goes back to that the first double sized issue and he is a ‘free’ prisoner on Krakoa now. In this issue we see him dwelling in a cave, with some young mutants talking about him as the island bogeyman. We actually get an editors note in this issue refering the reader to events of X-Force #15 where plot points involving Omega Red have been set in motion leading up to the events presnt here. I was expecting more of this with Percy writing both series since their inception. At this point it may actually be beneficial to have editors notes just for the Wolverine series with the plot points jumping about. Guess what? I didn’t read the text pages. There is a lot crammed into this issue as we get further developments of the character Louise first introduced in #1. Again perhaps the turn her story takes is a little cliche for a vampire story but I believe this arc is rumpling on for a few more issues so it has enough space for it to take some further twists. Scott Eaton takes up art duties on this issue and he is a good fit to slip in with Kubert and Bogdanovic who we have seen earlier in the run. His faces are more animated than the other two. It is most noticeable on Wolverine without his mask on. Eaton’s characters have a good sense of size and bulk. His art also gives off a good sense of movement. With Wilson’s colours the duo effortlessly switch between the many genres this story throws up, presenting unique colours to create mood to great effect for each. So while this story may touch on some cliches and not exactly deliver much fresh for Wolverine and Vampire stories, with Percy’s track record on the series so far I believe most readers will be satisfied with the way things go when the arc reaches its conclusion. Next month the series reaches its one year milestone. Maybe after this arc it will have more space and time to breath as a series. But we do have the X Gala coming in the summer, so is there going to be another status quo shift? Is the series going to follow the same formula of story arc jumping in its second year? Stay tuned for the answers.

Wolverine to Disney+?

There was a story a few weeks back stating that plans were in motion to bring Wolverine into the MCU via a Disney+ show. Now it is not a stretch to say this story had no truth behind it. Firstly it didn’t make any of the major comic book news sites. But I thought it was still worth a mention. What struck me as bad journalism was the fact it stated it was slated to be an anthology series. But it then went on to say the whole first series would be the Weapon X story arc. So right off the bat conflicting information. As much as I would like to see the Weapon X story done in full and closer to the comic I think a whole series would be too much. Surely a series being one arc goes against it being an anthology? Wolverine coming to Disney+ could finally see me pull the trigger on the streaming service, however it does seem like a long way off happening. While the idea of an anthology series would be more appealing to me than another movie part of me would like to see how different they can make a movie with him within the structure of the MCU. First they have to introduce the X-Men, how long then till Wolverine can go solo? Arguably he could never be in X-Men with enough clout to go alone from the outset. With characters like Black Widow and Winter Soldier there are plenty of places for him to drop in. Maybe even in a Hulk #181 homage movie!

Wolverine is the perfect character for a anthology series. You only have to look at the current ongoing series to see Wolverine has crossed into vampire stories, espionage stories, big grand stories and wider mutant stories. Go back to his first ever mini series with the failed samurai approach. His first ongoing series started out as a pulp pastich. In his time he has fought dinosaurs, zombies, Nazis and robots. Sign me up for episodes of this with no ongoing continuity please! Wolverine is enough of a well established character that you can drop him right into the MCU without an origin story like Spider-Man in Civil War. Wolverine is a big enough draw and he touches on so many corners of the Marvel Universe you could easily get Chris Evans back for an episode or go crazy and have him drop in on Wakanda or even take off space with fellow Weapon X-er Rocket. Season 2? Push the boundaries even further with X-23 centric episodes, Daken, Sabretooth, Team X. Hell give Maverick an episode and even Gabby! Who would I cast as Logan? That’s not my job and I don’t envy anyone who has to follow Hugh Jackman. I put out a tweet months ago saying I think Kyle Chandler would be a brilliant choice if you were making a one off movie. Whether he fits the bill for Disney and a ongoing commitment is another matter. Since Disney purchased Fox everyone from Keanu Reeves to Tom Hardy, Daniel Radcliff and Shia LaBeouf have been linked with the role. What about Michael B. Jordan he gets linked to everything lately? Will they looking to cast young and unknown with multiple series and a chance to join X-Men movies as well. Trouble with this is you can’t cast Wolverine too young as it goes against the character. So you have to cast the right person for the role. Anyway as I said this is all make believe at this moment in time, the X-Men and Wolverine still feel some time off joining the MCU with Phase 4 just getting started after COVID delays.


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