20th Nov2019

‘The Madness Within’ Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Hunter G. Williams, Edin Gali, Tessa Farrell, Lily Tomlin, Katie Cleary, Tess Kartel, Arber Mehmeti, Devon Ogden, Nicole Sienna, Ariel Yasmine, Chris Damon, Michelle Hayden, Kristen Carpenter, Hal Alpert, Anya Benton | Written and Directed by Hunter G. Williams Where to begin with The Madness Within? How about right at the start. Seriously, this […]

08th Jul2017

Midnight Releasing scream ‘WTF!’ for Peter Herro

by Phil Wheat

It’s been almost two years since we last reported on the the debut feature from director Peter Herro, WTF! – which follows the survivor of a mass murder on a relaxing trip with six close friends, when her nightmare threatens to begin again. Thankfully the latest news is that Herro’s film is finally getting a […]

19th Dec2014

‘Sick: Survive the Night’ Review

by Richard Axtell

Stars: Debbie Rochon, Christina Aceto, Richard Roy Sutton, Jennifer Polansky, Robert Nolan, Sandra DaCosta, Devin Upham, Ry Barrett, Neil Green | Written by Ryan M. Andrews, Chris Cull | Directed by Ryan M.Andrews Dr. Leigh Rozetta is a young, maverick scientist, who’s been living in a secret underground Government facility since the outbreak began two […]

03rd Jun2014

‘Blood Widow’ DVD Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Danielle Lilley, Brandon Kyle Peters, Christopher de Padua, Jose Miguel Vasquez, Kelly Kilgore, Emily Cutting, Phillip Marunowski, Gabrielle Henry | Written by Chad Coup, Ian H. Davis | Directed by Jeremiah Buckhalt It’s safe to say I’ve been on a roll recently when it comes to direct to DVD horror titles. Some really great […]

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