14th Mar2018

FFXV’s Noctis joining ‘Tekken 7’

by Phil Wheat

BANDAI NAMCO have today announced that Noctis, the 114th heir apparent to the Lucian throne, joins the fray of Tekken 7 direct from Final Fantasy XV on 20th March, 2018! In Tekken 7 – DLC3: Noctis Lucis Caelum Pack, players will be able to experience a new level of combat as they warp around the […]

18th Jun2015

E3 2015: Welcome to E3

by Guest

Written by Abid Gangat Walking into the LA Convention Center this morning I was greeted by what I can only describe as organised chaos, with the spectacle of hundreds of industry members walking around with an air of nervousness and excitement about them. It was as though they were all there for their very first […]