28th Feb2018

‘Defective’ VOD Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Colin Paradine, Raven Cousens, Ashley Armstrong, Dennis Andres, Jamie Tarantini, Nick Smyth, Ry Barrett, Andrei Preda, Christopher Spaleta, Erin Stuart, Neil Affleck, Diana Goldman | Written and Directed by Reese Eveneshen Well well, it would seem that someone has been watching a little too much RoboCop (or maybe read too much Judge Dredd?) and […]

23rd Jul2014

‘The Unleashed’ DVD Review

by Paul Metcalf

Stars: Trisha Echeverria, Jessica Salgueiro, Colin Paradine, Caroline Williams, Suzanne Farla, Malcolm McDowell, Shane Harbinson, Peter Valdron, L.A. Lopes, Anna Jane Edmonds, Joseph Cannata | Written by Diane Da Silva, L.A. Lopes | Directed by Manuel H. Da Silva There are some horror movies that stick to one of the many horror formulas so rigidly that they become […]

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