03rd Jun2022

‘The Prey: Legend of Karnoctus’ Review

by Jim Morazzini

Stars: Danny Trejo, Adrian Paul, Nick Chinlund, Kevin Grevioux, Fahim Fazli, Cleveland Berto, Reka Rene, Cleo Anthony, Masika Kalysha, Essam Ferris | Written by Matthew Hensman, Gustavo Sainz de la Peña | Directed by Cire Hensman, Matthew Hensman Originally filmed as simply The Prey, The Prey: Legend of Karnoctus, had the unwieldy subtitle added to […]

10th Mar2017

‘Black Rose’ DVD Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Alexander Nevsky, Kristanna Loken, Adrian Paul, Robert Davi, Robert Madrid, Matthias Hues, Oksana Sidorenko, Emmanuil Vitorgan, Olga Rodionova, Polina Butorina | Written by Brent Huff, George Saunders | Directed by Alexander Nevsky So let me get this straight; we have a brand-new direct to DVD film, the second feature from star/director Alexander Nevsky, who’s […]

27th Dec2016

‘Apocalypse Pompeii’ Review

by Mondo Squallido

Stars: Adrian Paul, Jhey Castles, Georgina Beedle, John Rhys-Davies, Dylan Vox, Dan Cade | Written by Steve Bevilacqua, Jacob Cooney, Bill Hanstock | Directed by Ben Damaree We all know that those lovely folks over at The Asylum have a reputation for churning out low-budget, cash-ins of whatever the latest franchise or flavour of the month has currently hit […]

19th Apr2015

‘Mankind’s Last Stand’ Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Adrian Paul, Brandon Auret, Reiley McClendon, Rick Ravanello, Douglas Tait, Joe Reegan, Nic Rasenti, Andy Davoli, Matthew Holmes, Sven Ruygrok, Scott E. Miller, Kenneth Fok, Darron Meyer | Written by Jabbar Raisani, Blake Clifton | Directed by Jabbar Raisani Jabbar Raisani, a former visual effects maestro, who here turns director – makes his feature […]

10th Apr2015

Competition: Win ‘Mankind’s Last Stand’ on DVD!

by Phil Wheat

To celebrate the release of the new high-octane sci-fi thriller Mankind’s Last Stand – on DVD April 20th – we are giving away a copy! From visual effects maestro-turned-director Jabbar Raisani (Game of Thrones, Predators) comes a gritty tale of survival against alien invaders. It’s Independence Day meets Black Hawk Down as a documentary crew […]