18th Dec2017

Cinema Geeks: Ep.157 – Kevin Smith Retrospective: Chasing Amy

Here’s the latest episode of the Cinema Geeks podcast, part of the ever-growing podcast roster here on Nerdly. If you haven’t heard the show yet, you can...

15th Dec2017

Interview: Craig Anderson talks seasonal horror ‘Red Christmas’

With Christmas just around the corner it is time to get into a festive mood and there is nothing better to start the season than a Christmas...

15th Dec2017

James Marshall & Louis Mandylor cast in new drama ‘Three Knee Deep’

Luna Films today announced that James Marshall (Twin Peaks) and Louis Mandylor (My Big Fat Greek Wedding) have signed to star in the new series Three Knee...

15th Dec2017

‘Star Ocean: The Last Hope’ Review (PS4)

Where Star Ocean remasters are concerned, PS4 owners have been somewhat spoiled of late. Star Ocean: The Last Hope is the fourth of the series to be...

15th Dec2017

New poster for horror sequel ‘The Strangers: Prey at Night’

Following the release of the teaser poster & trailer last month, Aviron Pictures has released a new one-sheet poster for The Strangers: Prey at Night, which is...

15th Dec2017

Horror-On-Sea 2018 Interview: Ron Bonk discusses ‘She Kills’

She Kills is a new exploitation from writer and director Ron Bonk, which has been selected to play at the Horror-on-Sea Film Festival on Sunday 21st January....

15th Dec2017

New trailer for Liam Neeson’s thriller ‘The Commuter’

Check out this new (and apparently FINAL) trailer for The Commuter – the latest action-thriller thriller from director Jaume Collet-Serra, which reunites him with his Unknown and...

15th Dec2017

‘Fighting American #3′ Review

Written by Gordon Rennie | Art by Duke Mighten, PC De La Fuente | Published by Titan Comics If I had to pick a book to be...

15th Dec2017

New trailer & poster for ‘Journey to China 3D’

Check out the first international trailer (in Russian no less, so it’s pretty to look at but whether you’ll understand anything remains to be seen, or rather...

15th Dec2017

‘Blood Harvest’ VOD Review

Stars: Robert Render, Jean-Paul Van der Velde, Griffin Madill, Alan Crawford, Liam Rowan | Written and Directed by George Clarke When the movie opens with a masked...

15th Dec2017

First look at ‘Iron Man: Hong Kong Heroes’

This March, science and magic converge in a brand-new Iron Man story that bridges new talent and epic innovation with Iron Man: Hong Kong Heroes. Originally conceived around...

15th Dec2017

Interview: Director Séamus Hanly discusses ‘The Middle Finger’

With the recent release of The Middle Finger on Blu-ray from Troma Entertainment I got a chance to talk to the multi-talented writer, director and actor Séamus...

15th Dec2017

Devilworks gears up for a ‘Mercy Christmas’

Genre boutique sales outfit Devilworks unwraps a gift this festive season with fun horror comedy Mercy Christmas. Directed and co-written by Ryan Nelson, Mercy Christmas tells the...

14th Dec2017

‘Rivers of London: Cry Fox #2′ Review

Written by Andrew Cartmel, Ben Aaronovitch | Art by Lee Sullivan | Published by Titan Comics Last issue saw the beginning of a new story arc, Cry...

14th Dec2017

New TV spot for Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’

Black Panther - directed by Ryan Coogler (Creed, Fruitvale Station) – follows T’Challa who, after the events of Captain America: Civil War, returns home to the isolated,...

14th Dec2017

Horror-On-Sea 2018 Interview: Maria Lee Metheringham talks ‘Pumpkins’

Pumpkins is new 80′s style horror from writer and director Maria Lee Metheringham, which has been selected to play at the Horror-on-Sea Film Festival on Sunday 21st...

14th Dec2017

‘Pokemon Crystal’ coming to Nintendo eShop

When it launched in Japan 17 years ago, Pokémon Crystal introduced many new and exciting elements to the Pokémon franchise. An expanded version of Pokémon Gold and...

14th Dec2017

Unboxing: A-Box’s November 2017 “Justice” Mystery Box

It’s been a couple of months since we last got the A-Box here at Nerdly. Why? Well it’s simply because there’s a HUGE difference in quality between...

14th Dec2017

Lawrie Brewster’s Hex Media to launch new UK genre studio

Hex Media, the outfit behind Lord of Tears, The Unkindness of Ravens and The Black Gloves, have today announced they are to establish Hex Studios, the UK’s...

14th Dec2017

Culture Dump #20: 5 Actors who REALLY want to win an Oscar!

The 90th Academy Awards is just a few months away – and you can tell. The industry has stepped up its game by firing out its best...

14th Dec2017

Start the clock for Marvel’s ‘Infinity Countdown’

With a CRASH and a BANG, the cosmic strike of the Countdown begins as the greatest epic in the history of the Infinity Stones explodes onto the...

14th Dec2017

The History of Bad Ideas – Episode 206: Jurassic Park of the Caribbean!

Emanating from their studio in Cincinnati, Ohio, The History of Bad Ideas sees hosts Jason, Jeff and Blake talk about all things geeky on their podcast. Whether...