06th May2016

‘Deus Ex: Children’s Crusade #3′ Review

Written by Alex Irvine | Art by John Aggs | Published by Titan Comics | Format: Paperback, 32pp This has so far been a very solid book,...

06th May2016

Sci-Fi London 2016: ‘Kill Command’ Review

Stars: Vanessa Kirby, Thure Lindhart, David Ajala, Tom McKay, Mike Noble, Bentley Kalu, Deborah Rosan, Osi Okerafor | Written and Directed by Steven Gomez In Kill Command,...

06th May2016

‘Submerged’ Review

Stars: Jonathan Bennett, Talulah Riley, Rosa Salazar, Samuel Hunt, Cody Christian, Giles Matthey, Denzel Whitaker, Willa Ford, Mario Van Peebles, Tim Daly | Written by Scott Milam...

06th May2016

Sci-Fi London 2016: ‘The Call Up’ Review

Stars: Max Deacon, Morfydd Clark, Ali Cook, Parker Sawyers, Tom Benedict Knight, Boris Ler, Adriana Randall | Written and Directed by Charles Barker The debut feature of...

05th May2016

New image of the suited Power Rangers… and the official logo!

Directed by Dean Israelite (Project Almanac), the Power Rangers big-screen redux - who are apparently not mighty or morphin’ this time - stars Dacre Montgomery (A Few Less Men)...

05th May2016

Talking in Circles: Episode 107 – Food Face Off

Talking in Circles is a pop culture talk show/podcast where hosts Dan, Greg, and Chuck wax poetic about comic books, movies, television shows, and pretty much anything...

05th May2016

‘The Zero Boys’ Blu-ray Review

Stars: Daniel Hirsch, Kelli Maroney, Nicole Rio, Tom Shell, Jared Moses, Crystal Carson, Joe Estevez, John Michaels | Written by Robert Gilliam, Nico Mastorakis, Fred Perry |...

05th May2016

‘Sharknado: The 4th Awakens’ gets a Star Wars-esque poster & cameo list

Syfy have revealed the first wave of cameos and the official movie poster for Sharknado: The 4th Awakens, with Anthony C. Ferrante returning to direct an original...

05th May2016

New IMAX poster for ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’

Following the critically acclaimed global smash hit X-Men: Days of Future Past, director Bryan Singer returns with X-Men: Apocalypse, which stars James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence,...

04th May2016

‘Independence Day #2′ Review (Titan Comics)

Written by Victor Gischler | Art by Rodney Ramos, Ivan Rodriguez, Renarto Arlem, Rui Woberto | Published by Titan Comics | Format: Paperback, 32pp My review of...

04th May2016

The History of Bad Ideas – Episode 122: Hands Across Antarctica!

Emanating from their studio in Cincinnati, Ohio, The History of Bad Ideas sees hosts Jason, Jeff and Blake talk about all things geeky on their podcast. Whether...

04th May2016

Another new trailer & poster for ‘TMNT: Out of the Shadows’

Paramount Pictures have released a brand-new UK trailer and poster for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows, which comes from producer Michael Bay and director...

03rd May2016

‘Only Angels Have Wings’ Blu-ray Review

Stars: Jean Arthur, Cary Grant, Richard Barthelmess, Rita Hayworth, Thomas Mitchell, Allyn Joslyn, Sig Ruman, Victor Kilian | Screenplay by Jules Furthman | Directed by Howard Hawks When thinking about...

03rd May2016

‘Xmoor’ DVD Review

Stars: Melia Kreiling, Nick Blood, Mark Bonner, Simone Kirby, Olivia Popica, Sophie Harkness, Fergal McElherron, Jemma Obrien, James Lecky | Written and Directed by Luke Hymans Written...

03rd May2016

‘Assassin’s Creed: Templars #2′ Review

Written by Fred Van Lente | Art by Dennis Calero | Published by Titan Comics | Format: Paperback, 32pp Assassin’s Creed: Templars was a welcome addition to...

03rd May2016

First look: Spider-Women Omega #1

The final battle begins this May as these three wallcrawlling, webslinging women charge headlong into danger in Spider-Women Omega #1, the epic conclusion to the Spider-Women crossover from...

03rd May2016

‘Yakuza Apocalypse’ DVD Review

Stars: Yayan Ruhian, Rirî Furankî, Hayato Ichihara, Mio Yûki, Pierre Taki, Denden, Tetsu Watanabe, Yoshiyuki Morishita, Riko Narumi, Reiko Takashima, Lily Frankie, Masanori Mimoto, Shô Aoyagi, Manzô...

03rd May2016

Exclusive clip from WWE’s ‘U.S. Championship: A Legacy of Greatness’

The forthcoming WWE DVD/Blu-ray release, U.S. Championship: A Legacy of Greatness, is a look back at the 40 year-plus history of one of the most prestigious titles...

02nd May2016

2016 Tribeca Film Festival: ‘Curmudgeons’ Review

Stars: Danny DeVito, David Margulies, Lucy DeVito, Sarah Hayon, Kett Turton | Written by Joshua Conkel | Directed by Danny DeVito Danny DeVito. The late David Margulies....

02nd May2016

2016 Tribeca Film Festival: ‘The Family Fang’ Review

Stars: Jason Bateman, Nicole Kidman, Kathryn Hahn, Christopher Walken, Marin Ireland, Harris Yulin, Eugenia Kuzmina, Michael Chernus, Josh Pais, Maryann Plunkett | Written by David Lindsay-Abaire |...

02nd May2016

‘The Forgotten’ DVD Review

Stars: Clem Tibber, Shaun Dingwall, Elarica Gallacher, Lyndsey Marshal, Isaura Barbé-Brown, James Capel, James Doherty, Carys Lewis | Written by Oliver Frampton, James Hall | Directed by...

02nd May2016

‘Game of Thrones 6×02: Home’ Review

“I wasn’t drowning, I was home.” Bran Stark stands among the dead. Watching his father, uncle, and aunt at play through the power of his second sight,...