24th Nov2015

‘Jethro Live: 40 Years the Joker’ DVD Review

by Paul Metcalf


Growing up I remember seeing a lot of comedians on television, one that always stood out was Jethro. With his “West Country” voice and his way of telling a story, he was always funny when he made an appearance. With Jethro Live: 40 Years the Joker he takes back to the stage for one last show.

When watching this comedy show, I noticed a few jokes that I’d heard before, and this should come as no surprise with really. This is something of a celebration of his tours, and his best jokes so it comes as no surprise. What may come as some surprise to some viewers though is the rudeness of some of his jokes. As is often the case with live shows for older comedians like Jethro they do tend to get a little ruder in their style and feature such subject as sex in their act. While we are used to more modern comics doing this sometimes it can be quite jarring for a comedian such as this to have that style. With Jethro Live: 40 Years the Joker he does tend to go that way, but in a softer approach than some of the more infamous comedians out there.

Recently I reviewed another comedian’s DVD, Roy Chubby Brown who also stated that the released DVD would be his last. The reason I bring him up is because of the rude nature of Jethro’s act. To give an idea of Jethro’s level of comedy, where Chubby Brown is very offensive, I found Jethro’s not to be offensive at all, in fact they are very funny. This is not saying that Chubby Brown’s wasn’t funny though, because it was.

What Jethro does is he manages to pull down your defences with his accent, because he comes across so friendly. The way he tells his stories is like he is talking to a group of friends who are in on the joke. This creates a more intimate feel to his comedy, rather than the modern-day arena style of comedy we usually see. This is where Jethro’s strength is, and what makes Jethro Live: 40 Years the Joker a good release for his fans. This is him in his element, and you’ll find his jokes very easy to laugh to.

What Jethro manages to be is something of an everyman. He doesn’t look to offend you; he looks to share his jokes. That doesn’t mean he isn’t capable of a sharp-witted comment if need be. What he does, he is good at, and if this truly is his last show then it will be a real shame for people who fondly remember his jokes.

While Jethro may not fit the modern style that many want from their comedy, he still knows how to tell a good joke. Jethro Live: 40 Years the Joker may have a few jokes you’ve probably heard before, but this is a celebration of them, and they are ones that have worked in the past. Funny and very easy to watch, Jethro Live: 40 Years the Joker is well worth a viewing and would make a perfect Christmas stocking filler for the comedy fan in your life.

**** 4.5/5

Jethro Live: 40 Years the Joker is available in the UK on DVD now.

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