18th Nov2015

‘Roy Chubby Brown Hangs Up the Helmet’ DVD Review

by Paul Metcalf


Chubby Brown is somewhat of an acquired taste, and for many the fact that his latest DVD is called will be seen as good news. With some jokes that do go a little far he doesn’t exactly fit into the PC world that we appear to be becoming, but does that make him any less funny?

To laugh at the jokes of Roy Chubby Brown you do often have to have a thick skin as he does tend to hit the extreme end of comedy with his act featuring racism, sexism, and probably a few “isms” after that. In reviewing Roy Chubby Brown Hangs Up the Helmet though I found myself laughing and often being impressed by the way he puts his act together.

Telling jokes, singing humorous songs and just being the Roy Chubby Brown character is what the comedian does best, and yes, he does go too far. If you take a step back though and block out the parts you don’t like, there are times when he is funny, and he does show the skill in telling a joke that has kept him going for all these years. You cannot get away from the fact that he is talented on stage, even if you don’t like the subjects that his character touches on.

There are a certain type of person who are Roy Chubby Brown fans, and if you aren’t one of them, then I advise you not to buy this DVD, all you will do is become offended and complain about the subject matters that he chooses to talk about. For people who enjoy his comedy, then they know what to expect, they throw insults at him and they enjoy his comebacks and self-deprecating nature. That is just who Roy Chubby Brown is.

The fact is yes, on stage the character is racist, and sexist, and tells many jokes that are hard to laugh at. Roy Chubby Brown Hangs Up the Helmet is entertaining, but not his best performance released on DVD; and it does feel a shame that it is his last. He does state that he will still be touring though, so his fans will still have a chance to see his act. It may just be a sign of the times though that the fan base for DVD releases like this is lessening, but there are still similar comedians out there releasing their shows.

Roy Chubby Brown Hangs Up the Helmet is a release for his fans, not for people who are looking to be offended by the things the character says. If you are a Roy Chubby Brown fan then you’ll enjoy this DVD, and if you are not, then there is nothing here that will win you over. A comedian that is very much an acquired taste, he is a skilful joke teller. Whether you want to hear the jokes he tells though is a different matter.

***½  3.5/5

Roy Chubby Brown Hangs Up the Helmet is available on DVD now.

Review originally posted on PissedOffGeek

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