06th Feb2015

TFF 2014: ‘NOW In the Wings on a World Stage’ – Part 1

by Catherina Gioino

Double trouble here! Tribeca premiered the documentary NOW: In the Wings on a World Stage, which follows the cast of Richard III as they debut their performance worldwide. After the film’s premiere, the cast of the play and film joined Charlie Rose onstage for an exclusive Q&A about the making of the film as well as the challenges they faced as part of the play.

Richard III stared Kevin Spacey as the namesake as well as multiple actors who were in attendance at the film’s premiere. Some include Maureen Anderman, who played the Duchess of York, Nathan Darrow, who played Lord Grey/Henry, the Earl of Richmond, Gavin Stenhouse, who performed as the Marquess of Dorset, and Simon Lee Phillips, who was Sir James Tyrrel/the Duke of Norfolk. King Edward IV/the Bishop of Ely also made an appearance, as Andrew Long appeared at Tribeca, as did Lady Anne (played by Annabel Scholey) and Lord Rivers/Scrivener (Isaiah Johnson). Also at the premiere were several House of Cards cast members, including Kristen Connolly and Michael Kelly.

NOW was directed by Jeremy Whelehan in his directorial debut, who previously worked with Spacey on Beyond the Sea. With his camera in hand and crew in tow, Whelehan followed the whole cast as they ventured worldwide performing Shakespeare’s play night after night. Part of the Bridge Project Company and the Old Vic Theater, this Sam Mendes rendition of Richard III has been widely received and critically acclaimed. The cast has performed the play in over 200 performances ranging from Europe to Asian and North America.

The film provides a great insight to the play and how the cast became friends over the play’s continuing presentations and rehearsals. It also shows just how bone chillingly amazing the play itself was, as it shows scenes from the play and live reactions from the audiences in the seats of Greece to Naples to anywhere in between.

You can watch the trailer for the film below as well as part of the Q&A with the cast after the film. Stay tuned for another article featuring all of the interviews from the cast.

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