06th Feb2015

TFF 2014: ‘NOW In the Wings on a World Stage’ – Part 2

by Catherina Gioino

As noted in our previous article, we had the chance to interview the cast of NOW: In the Wings on a World Stage at Tribeca, where members of the play and even House of Cards came to watch the film’s premiere. Watch the interviews below.

Kevin Spacey (Richard III):

Nathan Darrow (Lord Grey/Henry, the Earl of Richmond):

Jeremy Whelehan (Director of the Film):

Maureen Anderman (Duchess of York):

Gavin Stenhouse (Marquess of Dorset):

Simon Lee Phillips (Sir James Tyrrel/the Duke of Norfolk):

Annabel Scholey (Lady Anne):

Isaiah Johnson (Lord Rivers/Scrivener):

Andrew Long (King Edward IV/the Bishop of Ely):

And House of Cards cast member Kristen Connolly (Christina):


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