13th Jan2015

Mondo Squallido – Episode 63: Christmas Evil

by Mondo Squallido

Ho ho ho! Gather round children, do I have treat for you! It’s the Mondo Squallido Christmas Special… Well, not really. Today we look at Christmas Evil, a Christmas themed horror that is something of a cult hit. Now, I don’t usually do seasonal horror, I find it pretty dull. My ho-ho-hopes were small and […]

09th Nov2012

‘Christmas Evil’ (aka You Better Watch Out) Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Brandon Maggart, Jeffrey DeMunn, Dianne Hull, Andy Fenwick, Brian Neville, Joe Jamrog, Wally Moran, Gus Salud, Peter Neuman, Lance Holcomb, Elizabeth Ridge | Written and Directed by Lewis Jackson When little Harry sees his Dad in a Santa Claus outfit, groping his mother one Christmas Eve, life changes for the quiet little boy. Thirty […]

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