02nd May2014

Competition: Win ‘Dragon Ball Season 1′ on DVD

Goku may be small, but this fearless warrior packs a punch as powerful as any on the planet. Left alone after his grandfather’s death, this unusual boy...

02nd May2014

Poster Round-Up v2.0 – Godzilla’s SxTape Jump with a Dame Tomorrow

Welcome to the latest installment of the Nerdly poster round-up, where we bring you up to speed on some of the best movie posters to have hit...

02nd May2014

The Scream Cast – Episode 8: The Howling

Welcome to the latest episode of The ScreamCast! Each episode sees hosts Sean Duregger and Brad Henderson review a Scream Factory release, have special guests, throw out...

02nd May2014

The Fangirl Diaries: Diary # 3 – Star Wars Day

The Fangirls: Meli, Elsie & Tammy (pictured above) are the hosts of The Fangirl Diaries a vlog/podcast whose goal is to change your opinion of the fangirl. We’re proud...

02nd May2014

Preview: The Evil Within #1

Spun from the new survival horror game The Evil Within from Bethesda Softworks this prequel to the eagerly awaited video game will give readers an all-new experience...

01st May2014

‘MXGP’ Review (PS3)

When it comes to motor bike racing I tend to think of Superbikes and Motor GP, I’ve even played some of the games, though not for many...

01st May2014

‘Louie: 4×01 & 4×02′ Advance Review

I’ve always liked Louie, because as funny as it can be at times, the show has a darker tinge to it that makes it more of a...

01st May2014

It’s time for a good ‘Superman’ game…

This past March, one of our guest writer’s made a strong and, more importantly, factual statement about the superhero side of Clark Kent: “When you think of...

01st May2014

First Time Fest: Filmmaker Interviews

In our last few articles, we went over the First Time Fest and the closing night awards, so here are a few interviews we had with the...

30th Apr2014

Comics to TV: ‘Pax Romana’ and ‘Ronin’ come to Syfy

Syfy have today announced that it is set to develop two new mini series based on Pax Romana, Jonathan Hickman’s graphic novel about a time traveling clash...

30th Apr2014

Syfy and The Asylum announce ‘Sharknado 3′

Los Angeles and New York were not enough and so Syfy and The Asylum have today announced that yet another city will be devoured by flying sharks...

30th Apr2014

‘Interesting Tymes’ Comic Review

Written by Dave McCluskey | Art & Lettering by Andrew Morrice | Published by Evil Moose Comics | Format: Paperback, 44pp The comic Interesting Tymes begins with the reader...

30th Apr2014

‘Blue Ruin’ Review

Stars: Macon Blair, Devin Ratray, Amy Hargreaves, Kevin Kolack, Eve Plumb, David W. Thompson, Brent Werzner, Stacy Rock, Sidné Anderson | Written and Directed by Jeremy Saulnier...

30th Apr2014

‘WWE: WCW’s Greatest PPV Matches Vol. 1′ Blu-ray Review

Since WWE purchased WCW and the vast video library that came along with it, there have been numerous releases devoted to WCW related content, from the Goldberg...

30th Apr2014

‘Sisters’ Blu-ray Review (Arrow Video)

Stars: Jennifer Salt, Margot Kidder, William Finley, Charles Durning, Lisle Wilson, Barnard Hughes, Mary Davenport, Dolph Sweet | Written by Brian De Palma, Louisa Rose | Directed by Brian...

30th Apr2014

‘Sin’ (aka Bloody Bloody Bible Camp) DVD Review

Stars: Ivet Corvea, Jessica Sonneborn, Christopher Raff, Matthew Aidan, Ron Jeremy, Reggie Bannister, Tim Sullivan | Written by Vito Trabuco, Shelby McIntyre | Directed by Vito Trabucco...

29th Apr2014

First Look: Mighty Avengers #10

This May, the Blue Marvel grieves for the passing of The Watcher in Mighty Avengers #10 – a tie-in to Original Sin from the fan-favorite creative team...

29th Apr2014

Fashionably Nerdy at Wondercon: Part 1

Fashionably Nerdy is a new vlog centered around finding the hottest, best and newest trends in Geek Chic Fashion. Unlike other nerdy fashion vlogs that focus primarily...

29th Apr2014

Ten Worst Movies Ever Made!

With all the good press big budget films get today, We sometimes forget that out there in the cinematic shadows lay some of the worst movies ever...

29th Apr2014

‘Brick Mansions’ Review

Stars: Paul Walker, David Belle, RZA, Gouchy Boy, Catalina Denis, Ayisha Issa, Carlo Rota, Andreas Apergis, Richard Zeman, Robert Maillet, Bruce Ramsay | Written by Luc Besson,...

29th Apr2014

Ten Best: Free-Running / Parkour in Film

Since being introduced back in 1997, Parkour has become a key part of many fast-paced action sequences. With the aim being to get from A to B...

28th Apr2014

Taking porn parodies to a new dimension – ‘Doctor Whore’

Set your sonic screwdrivers to screw because WoodRocket.com is traveling through space and time to present Doctor Whore – The XXX Parody. With great detail paid to...