13th Oct2016

‘Jack Goes Home’ Review

Stars: Rory Culkin, Lin Shaye, Britt Robertson, Nikki Reed, Natasha Lyonne, Daveigh Chase, Louis Hunter, Serge Levin, Michael Sirow, Hutchi Hancock | Written and Directed by Thomas Dekker How...

13th Oct2016

Exclusive clip from ‘The Last King’

To celebrate the UK DVD release of The Last King, starring Kristofer Hivju and Jakob Oftebro, we have an exclusive clip from the film to share – check...

12th Oct2016

‘Ash vs Evil Dead 2×02′ Review

With the strong start of Ash vs Evil Dead, attention now turns to the second episode to see if it delivers. With most of the action taking...

12th Oct2016

‘Assassin’s Creed: Templars #5′ Review

Written by Fred Van Lente | Art by Dennis Calero | Published by Titan Comics As I have written in previous Assassin’s Creed reviews, the Assassin’s Creed...

12th Oct2016

‘Doctor Who: The 9th Doctor #5′ Review

Written by Cavan Scott | Art by Adriana Melo | Published by Titan Comics The Ninth Doctor is the one that got away, the incarnation that promised...

10th Oct2016

First look at art from Titan’s new ‘Robotech’ comic

Titan have today released online the first piece of art from Robotech, a brand-new series based on the legendary and groundbreaking 80s animation by Harmony Gold, which...

10th Oct2016

Competition: Win horror hit ‘Viral’ on DVD

With a spectacular horror pedigree, Viral is the latest horror thriller to come from the twisted minds that brought you Paranormal Activity, The Purge and Sinister –...

10th Oct2016

‘Sinister Squad’ Review

Stars: Johnny Rey Diaz, Christina Licciardi, Lindsay Sawyer, Talia A Davis, Trae Ireland, Isaac Reyes, Fiona Rene, Joseph Michael Harris, Nick Principe, Aaron Moses, Randall Yarbrough |...

10th Oct2016

First Look: Foolkiller #1

Greg Salinger was your typical merc for hire – the Foolkiller – putting an end to those he deemed “foolish”. But that life is behind him now....

10th Oct2016

‘The Tale of Doris and the Dragon: Episode 1′ Review (PC)

If you are a fan of adventure games, you’ll no doubt know the history of point-and click-adventures. Now we have the Telltale Games variety that get all...

09th Oct2016

Trailer & poster for British sci-fi horror ‘The Darkest Dawn’

Premiering at MCM London Comic Con on 30th October, British sci-Fi horror The Darkest Dawn is a sequel to director Drew Casson’s cult hit Hungerford (reviewed here)...

09th Oct2016

‘Fight Valley’ Review

Stars: Susie Celek, Miesha Tate, Erin O’Brien, Kari J. Kramer, Cabrina Collesides, Chelsea Durkalec, Jefferson Sanders, Ivy Lashawn Coleman, Steve Downing, Salvatore Franciosa, Bonnie Bruderer, Ariel Gramazio,...

09th Oct2016

‘Wolf Creek: The Complete First Series’ Review

When 19-year old Eve (Lucy Fry) witnesses the slaughter of her family, she narrowly evades death at Mick Taylor’s hands. Hell bent on revenge she takes to...

09th Oct2016

Trailer Park: NYCC 2016 Edition

Welcome to the latest installment of Trailer Park, our semi-regular look at the latest trailers to hit the interwebs. This weeks line-up features a bevy of the...

07th Oct2016

‘Face of Evil’ Review

Stars: Scott Baxter, Chad Bishop, Jamie Bernadette, Janet Roth, James Hutchinson, Christopher Thorpe, Charmane Star, Bryan Howard, David Alan Graf | Written and Directed by Vito Dinatolo...

07th Oct2016

Titan to publish new ‘Tekken’ comics

Titan Comics have announced they are teaming up with Bandai Namco Entertainment to publish brand-new comics based on the best-selling, knockout fighting video game series, Tekken. Which...

07th Oct2016

NYCC 2016: DreamWorks & Netflix announce season 2 of Voltron

Following the first season cliffhanger, season 2 of DreamWorks Voltron Legendary Defender sees the paladins scattered throughout the universe in wake of a tough battle with Zarkon,...

07th Oct2016

Netflix Update #1: Haters, Iron Fist, Mascots & more!

Welcome to the first of (hopefully) many new regular features here on Nerdly – the Netflix Update – where we bring you the highlights in the world...

07th Oct2016

‘Ash vs. Evil Dead 2×01′ Review

With the return of Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams, the Evil Dead is most definitely back. Now with the Ash vs Evil Dead season 2 premier the show...

06th Oct2016

‘Rivers of London: Night Witch #5′ Review

Written by Ben Aaronovitch, Andrew Cartmel | Art by Lee Sullivan | Published by Titan Comics Rather like the first ‘Rivers’ limited series, Rivers of London: Night...

06th Oct2016

‘Virginia’ Review (PS4)

If a game is described as being like Twin Peaks and True Detective, it is going to catch my interest. Playing Virginia, the interesting thing is, not...

06th Oct2016

‘Clustertruck’ Review (PC)

Games let us do things that we’d never dream of in real life. One of the fun things is parkour. The ability to jump from building to...