21st Feb2018

‘Doctor Strange #385′ Review

Written by Donny Cates | Art by Gabriel Hernandez Walta With Jason Aaron’s run and now Donny Cates, Doctor Strange has finally had a continuously great series....

21st Feb2018

Marvel announce ‘Avengers #1′

New creative teams. New series. New directions. New beginnings. It all kicks off this May with Avengers #1 – the first announcement of Marvel’s “Fresh Start” initiative…...

21st Feb2018

365Flicks Podcast – Road To Infinity War: ‘Thor: Dark World’ Review

Here’s the latest episode of the 365Flick podcast, part of the ever-growing podcast roster here on Nerdly. If you haven’t heard the show yet, you can check...

21st Feb2018

Serious Prize Money To Be Won At eSports Tournaments

eSports is a phenomenon that has been rapidly growing over recent years and it’s still progressing at break neck speed now. If you didn’t already know, eSports...

20th Feb2018

‘The Rizen’ Review

Stars: Laura Swift, Patrick Knowles, Christopher Tajah, Laurence Kennedy, Julian Rhind-Tutt, Adrian Edmondson, Sally Phillips, Tom Goodman-Hill, Bruce Payne, Stephen Marcus, Bruce Herbelin-Earle | Written and Directed...

20th Feb2018

Full 2018 program announced for ‘MidWest WeirdFest’

MidWest WeirdFest announces its full 2018 program today. The second annual film festival, a cinematic celebration of of all things fantastic, frightening, offbeat, and just plain weird...

20th Feb2018

‘X-Men: Red #1′ Review

Written by Tom Taylor | Art by Mahmud A. Asrar Marvel has been chipping away at their X-Men titles hoping something will stick. Every time there seems...

20th Feb2018

More cast announced for horror comedy ‘Ravers’

Production outfit Iron Box Films has today announced that Georgia Hirst (Vikings), Danny Kirrane (Games of Thrones), Manpreet Bambra (Free Rein), Maria Volk (Wolf Creek 2) and...

20th Feb2018

‘Death House’ Interview: Cortney Palm

With the anticipated horror Death House being released in cinemas on February 23rd 2018, I got a chance to speak with actress Cortney Palm about what we...

20th Feb2018

Competition: Win ‘The Valley of Gwangi’ on Premium Collection Blu-ray

To celebrate the release of The Valley of Gwangi - available on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital HD Dual Format from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment 26th Feb. 2018...

20th Feb2018

Digital Shorts: ‘Tiny Troopers Joint Ops XL’ Review (Switch)

In DIGITAL SHORTS we review some of the latest video games that are only available digitally (at least in the UK), in a short-form review format. In...

20th Feb2018

Preview: 8th Annual Athena Film Festival

Now more than ever, we’re seeing more minorities in fields that were once inaccessible – save for a select few who broke barriers. With politics, sports, education...

20th Feb2018

‘Captain America #698′ Review

Written by Mark Waid, Chris Samnee | Art by Chris Samnee Chris Samnee and Mark Waid’s run on Captain America has been everything it needed to be...

20th Feb2018

3 more characters added to Bandai Namco’s ‘MY HERO Game Project’

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment have revealed that Shoto Todoroki, Ochaco Uraraka and Tenya Iida from the My Hero Academia universe, will join the action adventure game MY HERO...

20th Feb2018

‘Monster Energy Supercross: The Official Videogame’ Review (PS4)

The official spiel of Monster Energy Supercross: The Official Videogame reads like this: “Live the adrenaline of the 2017 Monster Energy Supercross Championship with the official videogame....

20th Feb2018

First Look: ‘Amazing Spider-Man #800′

For ten years, Dan Slott has taken Peter Parker on crazy and spectacular adventures throughout the Marvel Universe – and as he races towards his final issue,...

20th Feb2018

Pop Addled: Episode 135 – Doom Addled Presents: Top 5 “Best Picture” Movies

Another week, another episode of the Pop Addled podcast, part of the ever-growing podcast roster here on Nerdly! Pop Addled is a pop culture podcast with nerd...

20th Feb2018

The Best Games For Nerds

Most people right now are opting to play games on their smartphone over everything else. This is largely down to the fact that everyone takes their smartphones...

19th Feb2018

‘Minky Woodcock: The Girl Who Handcuffed Houdini #3′ Review

Written by Cynthia Von Buhler | Art by Cynthia Von Buhler | Published by Titan Comics I think it is fair to say this isn’t a book...

19th Feb2018

Competition: Win a copy of ‘Images’ on Blu-ray!

One of Robert Altman’s (The Long Goodbye, Gosford Park, McCabe & Mrs. Miller) greatest masterpieces, Images is a tour de force of psychological horror. Dealing with hallucinations...

19th Feb2018

‘Kepler 3042′ Board Game Review

Kepler 3042 represents the fourth game in a run of space exploration and/or colonisation games that I’ve enjoyed in the past month or so. I’m happy to...

19th Feb2018

Interview: Sean Breathnach talks ‘Beyond the Woods’

With the release of Beyond the Woods on DVD and VOD in both the UK and America on 19th February, I got a chance to ask writer...