21st Dec2021

Interview: Writer/director Ian Diaz on his micro-budget film ‘The Killing Zone’

by Stuart Wright

In his latest interview/podcast, host and screenwriter Stuart Wright talks to writer/director Ian Diaz about his micro-budget noir film from 1999, The Killing Zone, which you can watch for free – right now – on YouTube.

The Killing Zone was made way back in 1998 by people who were not part of the British film industry. With a budget of only 14 thousand pounds, a limited supply of Super 16mm film and a two-week schedule, the members of the Seventh Twelve Collective achieved the impossible…

When you’re in The Syndicate, you’re in for life. This is the prospect facing Matthew Palmer, a heartless but efficient, deadly but impeccably neat assassin and confirmed Michael Caine fan. But Palmer has found love and wants out, even though he knows that wanting out can make you very quickly dead in London’s sinister underworld.

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