17th Aug2017

Culture Dump #4: How to use ‘Rick and Morty’ quotes in conversation

by Simon Bland


Rick and Morty may have only been around for a few years but it’s already firmly established itself in today’s pop culture lexicon. You can thank Netflix for that. With just two seasons under its belt and a long-awaited third currently being drip-fed to audiences, Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon’s bizarro space comedy has so far churned out loads of quotable lines, a good indicator for any cult-show in the making. With that in mind, here’s a few of the best and a handy guide on how you can successfully utilize them in everyday conversation…

“Tiny Rick!”

Where’s It From?

Season two’s Big Trouble in Little Sanchez saw Rick transport his brain into a high school version of himself, instantly becoming the coolest kid in town. Pretty soon though, his de-aged self turns into a minuscule threat.

How You Can Use It:

Throughout the episode Tiny Rick randomly shouts his own name whenever he’s excited or triumphant so that’s how this one should be used in everyday chit-chat. Won a quid on a scratch card? Bust out a ‘Tiny Rick!’ Bagged the last meat and potato pasty at Greggs? You better believe that’s a ‘Tiny Rick!’. Try it, it’s fun.

“Time to Michael Down your Vincents”

Where’s It From?

When family patriarch Jerry is rushed to an intergalactic hospital, Rick hooks up a multi-verse cable TV box to help kill time while he recovers. During a channel hopping spree the Sanchez family stumble on ad-libbed action epic Jan Quadrant Vincent 16, a show set in a world where it’s up to actor Jan Michael Vincent to maintain order… for some reason.

​How You Can Use It:

The episode Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate was catchphrase gold thanks to its clearly improvise-first-then-animate format. The line stands out due the determination in its delivery. Got to finish off that overdue dissertation? Well it looks like it’s time to Michael Down your Vincents, isn’t it?

“Oooh Weee!”

Where’s It From?

This happy little line is the trademark sound of none other than Mr Poopy Butthole, a long yellow bloke who first popped up during season two’s paranoia-laced Total Rickall. This adventure sees Rick’s family plagued by a space parasite that inserts itself into people’s memories as a survival technique. You remember this one, right?

​How You Can Use It:

Despite experiencing a bit of a rough patch during his story arc, Mr Poopy Butthole remains incredibly optimistic and upbeat. Use this one whenever you’re in a good mood or about to eat something that looks especially delicious. The more exciting/tasty looking the task/food you’re about to undertake/gobble down, the longer you should drag out the ‘Oooh’’s and ‘Weee’’s.

“That’s the Waaay the News Goes!”

Where’s It From?

Did we mention Total Rickall was catchphrase paradise? While there’s plenty of zingers we could have selected from this episode (a little ‘Real fake doors’, perhaps?) the catchphrase pinnacle of the story arrives in the form of a cutaway highlighting Rick’s many sayings.

​How You Can Use It:

This one’s versatile. Try dusting it off during an awkward silence. It’s pure obscurity is guaranteed to ease the tension and raise a few eyebrows. Maybe you’d like to use it as more of a condolence when someone needs a ‘life must go on’ pick-me-up. In fact, don’t limit yourself to just this one – any of Rick’s lines from his catchphrase medley can (and should) be used on a regular basis. Go on, knock yourself out.

“I’m Sorry [Insert Name] you’re Opinion Means Very Little to Me…”

​Where’s It From?

This gem of a line was taken from season one’s closer Rick Potion #9. In an attempt to impress his high-school crush, Morty swipes an incredibly potent love potion during an adventure with Rick. The good news is, it works. The bad news is everyone falls head-over-heels for Morty and he accidentally destroys the world. Swings and roundabouts, eh?

​​How You Can Use It:

This episode ended with Rick and Morty ditching their doomed universe, relocating to the nearest similar one, killing the local versions of themselves and taking their place. Dark stuff. As such, this line should be used with equal venom. Bust it out whenever someone’s ranting at you for the ultimate argument ender.

What’s your favourite Rick and Morty quote? Should “Pickle Rick!” have made the cut? Let me know in the comments below!


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