21st Sep2021

Review: National Film and Sci-Fi Museum

by Ian Wells

The National Film & Sci-Fi Museum opened its doors this August and I finally got around to visiting this weekend. The museum is located in Milton Keynes, right in the town centre. I still can’t believe the town where I was born and live is the home of the national anything. Let alone something I […]

08th Dec2015

Nerd Buy: Fright Rags’ faux ugly sweaters!

by Phil Wheat

Tis the season to be wearing an ugly sweater. If you want to be the hit of your holiday party, pick up one of Fright-Rags‘ new “faux ugly sweater” crewneck sweatshirts. Artist Joe Guy Allard applies the tacky-yet-lovable knit design style of classic Christmas sweaters to four horror favorites: Jaws, Trick ‘r Treat, Halloween II and […]

07th Sep2015

Ten Best: Deep Sea Thrillers

by Phil Wheat

To mark the release of deep sea thriller Pressure, out now on DVD/download starring Danny Huston, Matthew Goode, Joe Cole, Alan McKenna and Daisy Lowe, we take a look at the best deep sea thrillers of all time. THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER (1990) Starring: Sean Connery, Alec Baldwin, Scott Glenn Director: John McTiernan DAS […]

17th Jun2013

Rewind: ‘Jaws’ Review

by Dan Clark

Stars: Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw, Richard Dreyfuss, Lorraine Gary | Written by Peter Benchley, Carl Gottlieb | Directed by Steven Spielberg Today the summer blockbuster has become a staple in our society. The hype machine has grown larger and larger now with the anticipation for the next-big-thing building years prior to release. Millions have turned […]