08th Dec2015

Nerd Buy: Fright Rags’ faux ugly sweaters!

by Phil Wheat

Tis the season to be wearing an ugly sweater. If you want to be the hit of your holiday party, pick up one of Fright-Rags‘ new “faux ugly sweater” crewneck sweatshirts. Artist Joe Guy Allard applies the tacky-yet-lovable knit design style of classic Christmas sweaters to four horror favorites: Jaws, Trick ‘r Treat, Halloween II and […]

28th Jul2013

‘Halloween II’ Blu-ray Review [Scream Factory]

by Nathan Smith

Stars: Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Pleasence, Charles Cyphers, Lance Guest, Jeffrey Kramer, Pamela Susan Shoop, Dick Warlock, Leo Rossi | Written by John Carpenter, Debra Hill | Directed by Rick Rosenthal I wonder what John Carpenter was initially thinking when he ended his career making an undeniably genre defining film, Halloween. When he was writing […]