Writers Wanted!

Nerdly is on the hunt for new blood! We’re looking for like-minded people who are passionate about all manner of subjects, specifically we’re looking for the below (although we’re open to any/all submissions):

• Comics – Do you have a huge pull list every week? Do you want to spread the word on your favourite books? We’re looking for contributors for our weekly Panel Discussion column, where you can review your weekly buys on a regular basis.

• Films – Simple. Do you love movies? Want to write about them? We need those that like films from all genres: documentaries, romance, sci-fi, drama and more. Sound like you? Then we need you to join us here at Nerdly. Our remit is to cover smaller movies, DTV-fare etc. but we’re also looking for film reviewers who hit the cinema every weekend, seeing the latest releases.

• Video Games – Are you an avid gamer? Do you love all forms of video gaming, be it home consoles, retro or handhelds? Think you can write about it passionately? Then join us.

• Board/Card Games – Are you an avid gamer? Do you love all forms of gaming, be it board games, card games and more? We have the contacts at game companies in the UK, we just need staff to review them!

• Tech - Are you up on the latest technology? Do you love playing with gadgets and accessories. If so we need you to grow our technology coverage, which in recent months has lacked. Can you be the person to bring tech to the forefront of Nerdly?

• Wrestling - Are you up on all aspects of wrestling? Do you have opinion on the latest product from the WWE, TNA, ROH or even indie wrestling? Could you review the latest episode of Raw, Smackdown, NXT, RoH or TNA? Can you make make Nerdly the home for British-based wrestling coverage? Then we want you!

We’re also on the lookout for content creators already doing their own thing, like our contributors – those of you that are putting their heart and soul into making content, be it videos, podcasts or even your own blog, that want to reach 80,000 like-minded nerds and geeks every month.

What can we offer? We’re still an independent site – run out of a spare bedroom by two folks who also hold down dayjobs (some would call it “hobbyist”, we prefer passionate) so money is tight. The site makes (a little) money from advertising. Advertising that relies on views and of course views rely on content. So – unlike other sites who rely on volunteers – we have instituted a small payment system in an attempt to make things a little fairer:

For every review, interview or feature you write we pay a flat £1 fee and then a further £1.50 for every 1000 pageviews the article accumlulates over the course of a month/31 days. So submit a review and you get £1, if that review gets 1000 pageviews you get another £1.50, so on and so on – all payable bi-monthly. Of course we also offer products (movies, games, tech, comics etc.) for review and most times you’ll get to keep everything you review to do with as you want. Also, we’re open to providing costs to purchase movies, games, etc. in return for reviews…

Want to join us? Then drop us an email at nerdly.co.uk@gmail.com, telling us why you want to be part of the Nerdly team.

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