08th Dec2013

Panel Discussion #28

by Jack Kirby

So Infinity (w. Jonathan Hickman a. Jim Cheung, Dustin Weaver) concluded what’s been an interesting if not exactly mind-blowing run. The Avengers return to earth to sort out Thanos and his nasty mates, Maximus of the Inhumans cracks wise and saves the world and Rocket Raccoon makes an all-too brief (like, one panel appearance). The […]

09th Oct2013

Panel Discussion #23 with Jack and Mark

by Mark Allen

This post is a little outdated, and that’s entirely due to my faffing around and taking far too long to read emails, so don’t blame Jack. Er, sorry. – M Jack I’ve recently been catching up with The Wake, Scott Snyder’s fishy tale on DC’s Vertigo label, illustrated by Sean Murphy, now on its fourth […]

09th Aug2013

Panel Discussion #016 with Mark, not Jack

by Mark Allen

I’m sort of technically on holiday this week after moving house and starting a new job (y’know, one that doesn’t involve free comics and lets me buy luxuries like bread and loo roll) last week, which is why things have been a little behind with this column. My contribution’s a round-up session for the most […]