09th Oct2013

Panel Discussion #23 with Jack and Mark

by Mark Allen

This post is a little outdated, and that’s entirely due to my faffing around and taking far too long to read emails, so don’t blame Jack. Er, sorry. – M Jack I’ve recently been catching up with The Wake, Scott Snyder’s fishy tale on DC’s Vertigo label, illustrated by Sean Murphy, now on its fourth […]

03rd Sep2013

‘Bane’ Review

by Paul Metcalf

Stars: Sophia Dawnay, Lisa Devlin, Tina Barnes, Sylvia Robson, Jonathan Sidgwick | Written and Directed by James Eaves Maybe it’s the movies I get to review or influences like Saw but right now movies where a group of people are all imprisoned together in an enclosed space and are tested on seems to be the […]