06th Jun2017

‘Curse Words #5’ & ‘Black Science #30’ Review

by Dan Clark

Curse Words #5 Written by Charles Soule | Art by Ryan Browne | Published by Image Comics With issue five of Curse Words we get the finale of the first arc that includes plenty of insane wizard magic and a surprising plot reveal that will surely be a big part of the next volume. On […]

08th Dec2013

Panel Discussion #28

by Jack Kirby

So Infinity (w. Jonathan Hickman a. Jim Cheung, Dustin Weaver) concluded what’s been an interesting if not exactly mind-blowing run. The Avengers return to earth to sort out Thanos and his nasty mates, Maximus of the Inhumans cracks wise and saves the world and Rocket Raccoon makes an all-too brief (like, one panel appearance). The […]