01st Mar2022

Romford Horror Festival 2022: ‘Manfish’ Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Dean Kilbey, Emma Stannard, Matty Noble, Jon Campling, Liam Noble, David Alexander, Paul Trussell, Eloise Dale, Reis Daniel, Monica Gaga | Written and Directed by Marc Coleman When a humanoid sea creature washes up in Terry’s bleak life they quickly develop feelings for each other – But can Man love Fish, and will Terry’s […]

07th Apr2020

‘I Scream on the Beach!’ Review

by Kevin Haldon

Stars: Hannah Paterson, Dani Thompson, Lloyd Kaufman, Reis Daniel, Jamie Evans, Leigh Trifari, Martin W. Payne, Rosie Kingston | Written and Directed by Alex Churchyard, Michael Holiday It is 1986 and it’s nearing Halloween in the small sleepy town of Mellow Coast as we join Emily and her friends. Emily has spent the last 10 […]