07th Apr2020

‘I Scream on the Beach!’ Review

by Kevin Haldon

Stars: Hannah Paterson, Dani Thompson, Lloyd Kaufman, Reis Daniel, Jamie Evans, Leigh Trifari, Martin W. Payne, Rosie Kingston | Written and Directed by Alex Churchyard, Michael Holiday


It is 1986 and it’s nearing Halloween in the small sleepy town of Mellow Coast as we join Emily and her friends. Emily has spent the last 10 years searching for answers to the disappearence of her father. He worked for the Dexter Corp an ominous company on the edge of town that seems to be behind some shady goings on. Just as Emily starts to get near the truth, one by one her friends begin turning up dead at the hands of an unknown killer… When bloody murder comes to Mellow Coast this Halloween, I’ll scream, you’ll scream, we’ll all SCREAM ON THE BEACH!

That last sentence came from the press kit but come on its so bloody good you cant help but been drawn into this flick just from that!

Oh my god, did I enjoy this mental cavalcade of nonsense flick. A lovable homage to throwback 80s slasher b-movies, shot and made to look like it was straight to VHS. I was completely sold as soon as this flick started and we are greeted by 3 fake trailers for other b-movies (kinda like they did on Grindhouse) this instantly just had me wishing I was watching one of them. Then your smacked across the head with a gorgeous retro synth 80s soundtrack, again just setting the tone.

We meet our cast and for a quick hot minute I felt like we were possibly gonna start heading down hill. You see I say this because back when they were making these movies back in the day they were bad, the acting was always bad BUT it was mostly unintentional and thats why in 2020 they are soooo good to watch. My fear was that this movie made in 2019 paying homage to those flicks, well the acting may be too straight, However the cast all do a wonderful job of keeping everything just as it should be, Yes its cheese but its the cheese we love and remember, so in this case its bad acting BUT its intentional!! You know what I mean? I hope so!

Keep your eyes open for the infamous Lloyd Kaufman. Hannah Paterson is wonderful as our unsuspecting heroine Emily. I really liked the character Jeremy (Jamie Evans) who sports t-shirts throughout the movie based on the fake movies I mentioned earlier, Very nice little references. I just thought the cast were all firing on all cylinders.

Big shout out to directors Michael Holiday and Alex Churchyard for bringing this lovingly crafted stylish movie to us in 2020 and hitting all the nostalgia of 80s slashers like Halloween and many others. For me I Scream on the Beach! is a big hit and I hope when people see it they understand that it’s meant to be this way and just shut your brain off for a bit. I loved every moment of this flick and I can’t wait to see what these boys do next.


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