01st Sep2020

New trailer released for the Brexit-inspired horror ‘Monstrous Disunion’

by Phil Wheat

The creative team behind Lonely Hearts and The Millennial Killer (TrashArts Portsmouth) have released a short trailer for their upcoming feature film, Monstrous Disunion, the next ‘pig’ thing in horror! A twilight-zone style sledgehammer horror which throws a dark light on the battle between Brexiters and Bremainers. When Britain first, at David Cameron’s command, decided […]

07th Apr2020

‘I Scream on the Beach!’ Review

by Kevin Haldon

Stars: Hannah Paterson, Dani Thompson, Lloyd Kaufman, Reis Daniel, Jamie Evans, Leigh Trifari, Martin W. Payne, Rosie Kingston | Written and Directed by Alex Churchyard, Michael Holiday It is 1986 and it’s nearing Halloween in the small sleepy town of Mellow Coast as we join Emily and her friends. Emily has spent the last 10 […]