05th Mar2016

‘Deadly Famous’ Review

by Richard Axtell

Stars: Daniel O’Meara, Tiffany Adams, Juliette Beavan, Talulah Brown, Joelle Georgeff, Stephanie Girard, Ella Herman, Ria Huang, Stephanie Jones, Talita Maia, Brett R. Miller, Jackie Moore, Eric Roberts | Written by Eric Troop | Directed by Jim Lane, Eric Troop Hiding under a mask of collected sanity, Alan is an aging actor with a serious […]

15th Feb2016

Entourage meets American Psycho in ‘Deadly Famous’

by Phil Wheat

The pitfalls of Hollywood creates an American Psycho in the unnerving Deadly Famous, out this month from Indican Pictures. The film stars Jackie Moore (Pernicious) and DTV stalwart Eric Roberts (The Human Centipede III) in Jim Lane & Eric Troop’s sexy and frightening hand grenade of spine-chilling suspense and intrigue. Hiding under a mask of […]