19th Nov2020

‘Toys of Terror’ Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Kyana Teresa, Georgia Waters, Verity Marks, Dayo Ade, Saul Elias, Zoe Fish, Muriel Hogue, Lauren Marshall, Max Nelson, Ernie Pitts | Written by Dana Gould | Directed by Nicholas Verso Dana Gould, stand-up comedian, writer on The Simpsons, and creator of the awesome Stan Against Evil, pens this Christmas-set killer doll film produced by […]

28th Mar2019

MANIFF 2019: ‘Isabelle’ Review

by Matthew Turner

Stars: Amanda Crew, Adam Brody, Zoë Belkin, Sheila McCarthy, Booth Savage, Krista Bridges, Michael Miranda, Dayo Ade, David Tompa | Written by Donald Martin | Directed by Rob Heydon Directed by Rob Heydon, suburban chiller Isabelle just about gets the job done, though it lacks focus and misses several opportunities to make its scares actually […]