03rd Oct2013

Bluewater Comics: Review Round-up Vol. 2

by Mark Allen

Bucking the trend for this glut of Bluewater books, Vincent Price: Museum of the Macabre #2 is actually a pretty solid comic and manages to make sense by virtue of being a self-contained horror story. Concerning a gravedigger who has to keep re-burying corpses due to a mischievous lost soul, the story has a welcome air of Lovecraftian doom […]

02nd Oct2013

Bluewater Comics: Review Round-Up Vol.1

by Mark Allen

An assortment of comics from a publisher I haven’t previously been aware of can be a promising sign occasionally. The rest of the time there’s usually a pretty good reason I didn’t know they existed. Fame: Neil Gaiman is an illustrated biography of Gaiman, fantasy writer and easily-googleable man. It’s hard to picture exactly why this […]

17th Sep2013

Preview: Battle Beyond the Stars comic prequel ‘Battle Amongst the Stars’

by Phil Wheat

Set to debut tomorrow, the Battle Amongst the Stars graphic novel, from writer Martin Fisher and artist Ben Hansen, is a prequel to the cult Roger Corman produced sci-fi film (and one of my all-time Top 10 favourite movies) Battle Beyond the Stars. Check out the official synopsis and 7 page preview below: Set 30 […]