10th Jan2019

‘Robotech #15’ Review (Titan Comics)

by Dean Fuller

Written by Simon Furman | Art by Ivan Rodriguez, Pasquale Qualano | Published by Titan Comics


Last issue was a corker, wasn’t it? A lot happened, as those delicate strands of plotting weaved over several issues started to wrap tighter and tighter around the main story, with previously separate or seemingly unrelated storylines starting to merge to form into ‘Oh, now I get it’ moments. Furman has indeed been writing his proverbial socks off, and the art by Hendry Prasetya has been nicely consistent, so colour me surprised to see his name missing this month and replaced by Rodriguez/Qualano. Hmmm. Nothing against those two, but hoping this is just a ‘breather’ issue allowing Prasetya a little break from monthly schedules. We shall see.

Last issues shenanigans included Rick telling Minmei she may be infected by the same robotechnology he is, Lisa Hayes learning the SDF-1 will not be allowed back to Earth as the Earth government had lied and said it had been destroyed, Roy’s clone running around while ‘real’ Roy is held prisoner by Dr Zand, and the fact Earth has built a huge old gun to take on the Zentraedi if they attack. Shakespearean antics are also afoot among the Zentraedi ranks, as Breetai fights back to save his position against internal power struggles. It says a lot about Furman’s writing that despite what seems like a cast of thousands it’s easy to keep up with who’s who and what’s what.

This issue kicks off with family. Rick takes Minmei secretly to Moonbase Aluce, where she meets with her cousin Lynn Kyle, who is pretty surprised seeing as everyone on the SDF-1 is supposed to be dead. Captain Hayes has a less happy family talk, as her father and mother, Admiral and Senator respectively, try to get her reassigned from the SDF-1. ‘Go to Hell’ is the response. Funnily enough, Minmei’s reunion isn’t so happy after all, as her cousin isn’t too impressed by the whole cover up and threatens to expose everything if he isn’t allowed to come back to the SDF-1 with them. Rick objects, but realises he is over a barrel on this.

Meanwhile, Claudia Grant is investigating the murder of Edwards (remember him), killed in his cell. She realises that the only people with access to him were herself, Captain Hayes, and Roy Fokker. That narrows the field quite a bit, as she didn’t do it and the Captain was on Earth. Time to find Roy. As we don’t have enough balls juggling in the air, Furman also throws in a space dog fight between Max Sterling and Miriya (judging by their banter, they should just get a room), and a secret communication to Captain Hayes from the Ontario quadrant government, who are aware of events and are willing to offer the SDF-1 safe harbour. Despite doubts that the offer is as string free as it seems, in the absence of any better offer Hayes accepts. As the ship tries to depart space dock, both the Zentraedi and Dr Zand show their disapproval…

Another great issue, every page just crammed full of story and plot. It’s science fiction, soap opera, thriller, and a war drama all rolled into one. If it wasn’t so well written you would need a score card to keep up with everything that’s going on, but Furman has such a firm hold on his story and characters it all flows beautifully. Claudia and Roy, and the investigation of Gloval’s death, barely featured and yet we never missed them, or it, as so much else is going on. Even Minmei wasn’t her normal irritating self, given as she was some more dramatic scenes. She didn’t sing either, always a plus. The fill in art was also very nice, didn’t jar at all and also flowed nicely, fitting in a lot of action and drama perfectly. Two big thumbs up all round.

Not just a reimagining of Robotech, an improvement. It’s that good.

****½  4.5/5

Robotech #15 is out now from Titan Comics.


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