16th Nov2018

‘Robotech #14’ Review (Titan Comics)

by Dean Fuller

Written by Simon Furman | Art by Hendry Prasetya | Published by Titan Comics


I think it’s safe to say we are starting to enter payoff territory with this book. While it has never had a problem cueing up nice situations, or hinting at exciting developments, it has not exactly been quick to resolve them either. Some plots, like who exactly murdered Captain Gloval, seem to have been going on so long you almost wonder if you’d be bothered when we find out who did it. Now, though, I sense a speeding up of events, a slow jog turning into a canter into a run. With so many juicy plots to juggle I guess Furman had no other choice than to launch full speed ahead. Which is nice.

The main storyline has essentially splintered into three parts. We have the events on board the SDF-1, where Rick has gone blind but gained some robovision power, Claudia suspects Roy of having murdered Captain Gloval, Roy is being held prisoner by Dr Lazlo Zand while a fake Roy runs around, and Lisa Hayes struggles with the burden of being Captain. The second plot strand involves the political events back on Earth, where the people of Earth have been lied to and told the SDF-1 has been destroyed, and Earth’s leaders don’t want it back. They are prepared to go to worrying lengths to ensure it doesn’t return either. The final plot strand involves the events on the Zentraedi side, from the bumbling spies Bron, Rico, and Konda, to the power struggle between Breetai and Azonia and Khyron. Don’t say you don’t get your money’s worth.

We start this issue with Roy Fokker taking centre stage, or should I say Roys. The real Roy is still with Zand, which a nifty flashback shows us is not the first time these two have met. Fake Roy is doing better, with an unsuspecting Captain Hayes leaving him in charge of the SDF-1 while she tries to persuade Earths politicians to let them return. Claudia of course chooses just this moment to come to Lisa to tell her about her suspicions about Gloval’s death, but wisely keeps quiet on seeing Fake Roy (though she thinks he’s real Roy, Furman sure writes good soap opera). I can safely say I’m enjoying these shenanigans.

My least favourite character so far Minmei makes a reappearance, taking time out from her musical career. Rick is worried that the same mutation that has affected him may affect her, as they were both exposed to the alien protoculture. She seems fine, though if excessive irritating perkiness is an illness she needs to be in a hospital. We then take a wander in Macross City itself, mostly neglected the last few issues as the action has been taking place in Space and on the bridge. Tensions seem to be on the rise, as the civilian population are getting increasingly antsy about getting back to Earth, and violence is on the rise. Time seems to be running out.

Which is ironic, as Zand is about to explain to the captured Roy just how important time was, and is, to the SDF-1. Zand discovered that the SDF-1 wasn’t just a technologically advanced ship, in fact that was the least of it. It was a ship with hidden abilities, the ability to navigate parallel dimensions and alternate realities. Zand didn’t give all this information to his superiors, but did ‘throw them a bone’, telling them of a cloning facility on board he had discovered. Hmm, fake Roy, cloning facility, I think we have a winner. There are cloned Roy’s out there, which explains Gloval’s death I’d imagine.

A nice little interlude in Alaska between Captain Hayes and her father reveals Earth has its own hidden super weapon to attack the Zentraedi, though the SDF-1 is still ship non grata on Earth. Though the Zentraedi have been absent this issue we still get a little cameo at the end as Breetai continues his manipulation of his colleagues, going from the hunted to the hunter.

An excellent issue. Great script and dialogue throughout, and fantastic art and colouring throughout. Possibly the best issue to date.

Furman, Prasetya, and Lesko should take a bow.

****½ 4.5/5

Robotech #14 is out now from Titan Comics.


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