30th Jun2014

Ten Best: Movie Robots

by Phil Wheat

Cinema has a long and complex history with robot characters. From being bionic buddies to metal menaces, from silver servants to all-powerful automatons, robot characters have equally awed and terrified cinema-goers. To celebrate the release of Transformers: Age of Extinction here’s a look at some of the best robots committed to celluloid. 10) The Fix-Its […]

30th Aug2013

5 Depressingly plausible ways Elysium is a prequel to Wall-E

by Mark Allen

How do you get from Matt Damon playing a hispanic dude in an exo-suit to a nostalgic little tin can who just wants to know what love is? The answer, my friends, is a ton of spoilers for Elysium. 1. The World’s A Mess Even before Elysium begins, we’ve screwed up planet Earth good and proper. […]