14th May2019

‘Six Days’ Graphic Novel Review (DC/Vertigo)

by Dean Fuller

Written by Robert Venditti, Kevin Maurer | Art by Andrea Mutti | Colours by Lee Loughridge | Published by DC/Vertigo | Format: Hardback, 148pp I’d imagine the average comic book reader is like me, they read comic books as they enjoy the escapism and the larger than life heroics. Although there has always been a healthy indie […]

23rd Jun2017

‘Action Comics #981′ & ‘Green Lantern Corps #22′ Review

by Dan Clark

Action Comics #981 Written by Dan Jurgens | Art by Jackson Herbert | Published by DC Comics Superman haters often complain that it is impossible to construct a compelling story because he is just so powerful. How can you have stakes when your hero can do just about anything? Well with this arc Dan Jurgens’s answer to […]

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