23rd Jun2017

‘Action Comics #981’ & ‘Green Lantern Corps #22’ Review

by Dan Clark

Action Comics #981


Written by Dan Jurgens | Art by Jackson Herbert | Published by DC Comics

Superman haters often complain that it is impossible to construct a compelling story because he is just so powerful. How can you have stakes when your hero can do just about anything? Well with this arc Dan Jurgens’s answer to that is to create a team of three separate Superman villains in Cyborb Superman, The Eradicator, and General Zod, all of which nearly took him out on their own previously. Honestly, that is a pretty good answer.

In a way, this Revenge arc is a mini event that ties in elements from the Superman series as well as Suicide Squad. Now all these pieces that were once separate, like Amanda Waller taking control of Zod for her own personal goals, are all coming together in this storyline. As Superman faces off against these three individuals the world watches as the Man of Steel is perhaps for the first time over his head due to the foes he is facing. Adding to the pile of awfulness is the trip he took to the Black Vault that has left him in a state of disarray. What is revealed by the end of this issue does come off as a silly direction to go, but since Rebirth Jurgens has made Superman stories that should not work actually work. Plus it appears Superman will be getting some much-needed help next issue from some of his super allies as well.

Jackson Herbert’s art works as it fits into the typical DC house style we have seen with this series and other main DC books. One issue is his depiction of Zod lacks any consistency. Depending on the panel his age tends to fluctuate. Minus that small gripe he gets the job done.

Action Comics has been hit or miss with its different arcs and so far Revenge is turning out to be a major hit. One full of big adventure with the type of world-ending stakes you want in an Action Comics story.

**** 4/5

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #22


Written by Robert Venditti | Art by Ethan Van Sciver | Published by DC Comics

Now that Yellow and Green Lanterns have established an uneasy alliance issue twenty-two is the first major test of their truce. The Planet Vault is being robbed and it is up to the Lanterns to stop it and save the day. Robert Venditti made the right choice by not making their first test some sort of universal disaster as the Lanterns deal with this threat rather easily. By doing this Venditti can allow this trust to build until it eventually implodes.

Hal Jordan shows his hand as it is clear he is not fully trusting of the Yellow Lanterns. He clearly is looking for any reason to break the truce and is still not fully willing to buy into this new status quo. Venditti also gave a great little moment with Jon Stewart as he shows some out of character excitement. Seeing Stewart quietly cheering to himself, “I did it” provided a welcome laugh out loud moment.

Ethan Van Sciver returns to art and how I wish he was on this book full-time. His facial designs have so much detail and paneling allows to book to flow very smoothly. This was one of the quickest reads I have had with this series, although I did make sure to go back and just soak in some of his art more.

It was a welcome to see these Lanterns facing off against more than themselves. The differing color Lanterns idea has become stale at this point so anytime the focus is on a different villain it is a breath a fresh air.

***½  3.5/5


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