24th Nov2020

‘Seized’ VOD Review

by Kevin Haldon

Stars: Scott Adkins, Mario Van Peebles, Karlee Perez, Steven Elder, Matthew Garbacz | Written by Richard Lowry | Directed by Isaac Florentine Let’s get this out of the way first… Seized contains three things I love in my action movies 1) Scott Adkins kicking, punching and shooting his way through the film; 2) Isaac Florentine […]

03rd Jan2019

Pass Horror Notes: ‘President Evil’ Review

by Aaron Shakespeare

PRESIDENT EVIL Stars: Ryan Quinn Adams, Kevin Alain, Sitara Attaie, Havon Baraka, Bruce Clifford, Chris Clyne, Alyssa Ariel Perez, Amber Boone, Ruben Estremera, Korbin Miles, Naomi Franck, Garrett Gallego, Nathan Goodrich, Christian Hutcherson | Written by Richard Lowry, Gregory P. Wolk | Directed by Richard Lowry Name: President Evil Age: 2018 Appearance: Halloween parody where […]

17th Sep2018

‘Apocalypse Rising’ DVD Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Hunter Alexes Parker, Shane Samples, Justin Lebrun, Johanna Rae, Victoria Steadman, James R. Frey, Kelly Brown, Shiah Luna, David Namminga, Katelyn Levario, Dennis Marin, John R Mangus | Written by Gregory P. Wolk | Directed by Richard Lowry Apocalypse Rising tells that story of Mia, an extrasensory teenage girl living on the planet Rathe. […]