03rd Jan2019

Pass Horror Notes: ‘President Evil’ Review

by Aaron Shakespeare



Stars: Ryan Quinn Adams, Kevin Alain, Sitara Attaie, Havon Baraka, Bruce Clifford, Chris Clyne, Alyssa Ariel Perez, Amber Boone, Ruben Estremera, Korbin Miles, Naomi Franck, Garrett Gallego, Nathan Goodrich, Christian Hutcherson | Written by Richard Lowry, Gregory P. Wolk | Directed by Richard Lowry

Name: President Evil
Age: 2018
Appearance: Halloween parody where the killer wears a Donald Trump mask and stalks a Muslim, a Haitian and a Mexican woman who then… Why, look! If it isn’t Donald Trump taking time away from his “presidential duties” to help review a horror film about him. What did you think of the film, Mr President?


A top Trump of evil


Well that review was short.

It was more FAKE NEWS from the liberals.

But, Mr President. Did you not enjoy the opening scene that parodies the beginning of Halloween – almost shot for shot, which features a child going on a killing spree wearing a Ronald Reagan mask?

No, I did not. It looked nothing like Ronald. He wasn’t even holding a Big Mac.

That’s Ronald McDonald. Reagan was the President, Sir.

But I’M the President!

Yes, but he was the… OK, never mind. Anyway, still parodying Halloween our psychopath escapes and continues his killing spree wearing a mask resembling your weird pouty little face.

I have the best face. It’s the greatest.

Err, anyway, our murderer hides out in a dilapidated old house whilst occasionally appearing to stalk our three heroines, Lana, Blanca and Medjine (played by Sitara Attaie, Alyssa Ariel Perez and Amber Boone). We’re also introduced to various characters who are supposed to be parodies of real life political figures such as Jared Kushner, depicted as an ineffectual squeaky voiced nerd with low self-esteem and Rudy Giuliani, portrayed here as a sex addicted priest who humps the ground.

LIES! Giuliani was never a priest.

Neither was Robert Mueller a Sheriff, but here he is played as a heroic cop hunting our Terror-Trump.

Was this pathetic trash written by a democrat?

Written by Gregory P. Wolk and Richard Lowry ( Lowry also directed), the humour does suggest that their politics may be left-leaning but the strength of satire on display wouldn’t give Swift much to worry about. It veers from Airplane style knockabout, caricatures (mostly played by Korbin Miles) and some very preachy dialogue.

I HATED it! It was very rude about Putin.

Indeed. Dr “Lutin”, played by a menacing Kyle Sing, prowls about the film attempting to control Terror-Trump. It’s satire, y’see.

For a horror film there was too much talk and not enough blood. I like blood. It’s the greatest.

So, did you like my review?


Do say: Trump-tastic horror satire.
Don’t say: Covfefe.

President Evil is available on demand in the US now from Giant Meteor Films.


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