20th Apr2018

‘Fantastic Four’ – Cover Reveal & Teaser Trailer

by Phil Wheat

As the Fantastic Four prepare to make their return to the Marvel Universe, Marvel have released a special Fantastic Four teaser trailer celebrating new adventures of Reed, Sue, Ben, and Johnny! Celebrate the Fantastic Four with a view into their past and a look towards the future, from their debut in Stan Lee and Jack […]

30th Jan2014

First Look: Fantastic Four #1

by Phil Wheat

The world’s greatest comic magazine begins anew as Marvel’s First Family bursts back into the spotlight in Fantastic Four #1, from Eisner Award winning writer James Robinson (Starman, All-New Invaders) and critically acclaimed artist Leonard Kirk (Supergirl, Captain Britain and MI:13) The brilliant Mr. Fantastic, the compassionate Invisible Woman, hot-headed Human Torch, and the ever-lovin’ […]