20th Mar2024

Wolverine Wednesday #72 – 50th Birthday Celebration Part 1

by Ian Wells

Wolverine Firsts These are the building block issues that made up the character to be “The best there is…” Oct-Nov 1974 Incredible Hulk #180-#181 Writer: Len Wein | Artist: Herb Trimpe | Inker: Jack Abel | Colourist: Glynnis Oliver | Letters: Artie Simek So where did it all begin? Rather simply like a lot of […]

07th Apr2021

‘Legends of the Dark Knight #1’ Review

by Dean Fuller

Written and Drawn by Darick Robertson | Published By DC Comics Ah, Legends of the Dark Knight. That’s a grand old name. I say that as someone who bought the first issue of the original Legends book back in 1989. The first issue printed with several different coloured covers, and muggins here bought the lot. […]

07th Sep2020

‘Hellblazer: Rise and Fall #1’ Review

by Dean Fuller

Written by Tom Taylor | Art by Darick Robertson | Published by DC Black Label I’ve always had a soft spot for John Constantine. Don’t get me wrong, man’s a complete tosser. He usually only does the right thing for the wrong reasons, self preservation more often than not, and yet he appeals to the […]

30th Jan2017

‘Dante’ Review (Image Comics)

by Kevin Haldon

Written by Jason Ning, Matt Hawkins | Art by Darick Robertson | Published by Image Comics Dante is one of the most impressive titles I have read in some time (I feel like i’m saying this a lot lately). The sign of a good book for me is that it has me gripped right from […]