06th Jun2017

Catching Up With the Classics: Saga of The Swamp Thing – Book One

by Dan Clark

Written by Alan Moore | Art by Stephen Bissette, John Totleben | Published by Vertigo Synopsis: Before WATCHMEN, Alan Moore made his debut in the U.S. comic book industry with the revitalization of the horror comic book THE SWAMP THING. His deconstruction of the classic monster stretched the creative boundaries of the medium and became […]

13th Sep2014

Frightfest 2014: ‘Show Pieces’ Review

by Nicky Johnson

Stars: Siobhan Hewlett, Darrell D’Silva, Robert Goodman, Alan Moore, Andrew Buckley, Khandie Khisses  | Written by Alan Moore | Directed by Mitch Jenkins, Paul Chessell If you’re like me and you’re the type of person who likes to IMDB films before you watch them so you have a good idea what to expect, you’ll find it useful to know […]