05th Nov2021

‘Copshop’ Review

by Kevin Haldon

Stars: Frank Grillo, Gerard Butler, Alexis Louder, Toby Huss, Chad Coleman, Anthony Lamb | Written by Joe Carnahan, Kurt McLeod | Directed by Joe Carnahan

You can not go wrong with a good Joe Carnahan flick! Seriously, Carnahan is up there as one of my favourite aesthetically pleasing directors. Who remembers Smoking Aces and the joyous rollicking fun that movie was, still one of Ryan Reynolds top three performances to date.

He also brought us Narc and that A-Team flick, disappeared for a minute but came back in 2020 with Frank Grillo actioner Boss Level. Here he is once again teaming up with Frank ‘I bet I can make more movies in 2021 than Nic Cage’ Grillo, then slapping Gerard Butler in the mix for a slick stylish update on the Assault on Precinct 13 vibe. Carnahan is a director that always makes me smile so Copshop was a definite must-see movie for me.

Copshop sees Frank Grillo star as Teddy Muretto, a fixer for the crime syndicates whose luck has just ran out as he inadvertently assaults local law enforcement and finds himself facing a night in the cells. We soon find Muretto is actually where he wants to be and prison is a safe place for him. That is of course until Bob Viddic (Butler) turns up on a mission to rid Teddy of his life. Officer Val Young (Alexis Louder) is going to have to spend the night keeping our men apart and safe from each other BUT psychopathic Anthony Lamb (Toby Huss) shows up and all hell breaks loose.

This right here is what Joe Carnahan does best… multiple layered characters with very, very, different personalities all thrown into a situation of mega screwed up proportions. Some of these characters are going to ground you in the moment like Muretto or the law enforcement; some of the characters are going to be so ludicrously out there that in any other hands they may have seemed out of place but due to some severely great casting you end up with a delectable medley of acting splendor that left me thinking ‘to be fair i didn’t really know what to expect, but it wasn’t that’… in a good way though.

Grillo and Butler are very much the bankable attributes of the movie and they both play their respective roles pretty well and manage to subtlety downplay themselves leaving space for our supporting cast to shine bright like a diamond (where have I heard that before). That my good reader is where this movie really shines… The supporting cast!!!

First up Alexis Louder as Valerie Young, our would be hero cop… this woman is a freaking bad ass leading femme fatale of epic proportions, cast Louder in EVERYTHING. Seriously she looks like a star, acts like a star and looks awesomely badass. Chad Coleman the most underused actor in The Walking Dead history, is superb In his limited screen time an really helps to set the tone of the movie and our outlandish characters.

Ladies and gentlemen I give you Anthony Lamb! I would say the most flamboyant and out there psychopath I have seen in a movie for years. Toby Huss is easily that one thing you will remember and take away from this movie if nothing else. Absolutely steals every single second of screen time he has right till the bitter end. Anthony Lamb is that character you always wanted to see in your movies but never thought anyone would do him justice on the screen. My friends it has been done.

I got a real kick out of this movie. Copshop is a madcap pressure cooker romp that knowingly sticks its tongue firmly into its cheek and says to its viewer ‘just shut your phone off, sit back and let me entertain you’. That’s what Carnahan has done, he has entertained his viewers for the 1 hour 50 runtime and not only introduced us to a freaking badass leading lady but also one hell of a nut case.

**** 4/5


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