15th Jul2021

‘Hatched’ Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Megan Purvis, Nicola Wright, Amanda-Jade Tyler, Derek Nelson, Georgie Banks, Nicole Nabi, Thomas Loone, Marshall Hawkes, Richard Kovacs, Ricardo Freitas, David Castleford | Written by Scott Jeffrey, Craig McLearie | Directed by Scott Jeffrey, Rebecca Matthews

The second dinosaur-themed movie from producer/director Scott Jeffrey in the space of two weeks (the first being Dinosaur Hotel), Hatched sees obsessive scientist Simon (Thomas Loone) discover a way to bring dinosaurs back to life. Big mistake (obviously). His creations escape and proceed to eat him; and his wife Christine (Amanda-Jade Tyler), leaving only his son Mark alive.

Driving into this mess are Simon’s family who decide today’s the day they want to pay their estranged family member a visit. Big mistake (again). Simon’s family find him dead, eaten by his creations with only mark left behind. Only – apparently – Mark shouldn’t be alive. Yes, you’ve guessed it, Jeffrey and co. have lifted the plot-twist from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and incorporated it into their film. In fact Hatched feels very much directly inspired by the Spielberg-created franchise… and something of a possible prequel to Dinosaur Hotel – mainly because the CGI-rendered dinosaurs look exactly those same ones used in Jeffrey’s other film!

Of course dinosaurs can’t be left to roam free in the English countryside (what is this Jurassic Park?) so the army are called in, along with their chief scientist, to figure out how to keep the dinosaurs contained and then destroy them before they escape and head for the city where total destruction would occur…

As I mentioned earlier, Hatched does feel very much related to Dinosaur Hotel. Both are very much like stalk and slash movies but with dinosaurs instead of weapon-wielding maniacs. This film also feels very much like Scott Jeffrey’s other recent effort Medusa, where the story has a fantastical hook but it is really very much about the human aspect of the tale – in this case focusing on family, loss and grief; all against the backdrop of dinosaur slaughter… Good job he’s got Megan Purvis – who was so, so good in Medusa – in this movie too!

Effects-wise, Hatched looks surprisingly better than the aforementioned Dinosaur Hotel. In fact it looks better than a lot of similar films from The Asylum; and given how low a budget Jeffrey and co. work with, that has to seriously be commended. Even mores when you consider this film feels very much like the Syfy channel monster movies of old, rather than a typical Scott Jeffrey production. As such, Hatched – to this reviewer – feels like the filmic equivalent of a warm cup of cocoa: familiar and comforting. And sometimes that’s all you need from a film, especially in today’s stressful, oftentimes chaotic, real world.

***½  3.5/5

Hatched is available on DVD and digital now from Uncork’d Entertainment.

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