12th Jul2021

‘WWE NXT: UK’ Review (July 8th 2021)

by Nathan Favel

Welcome to this week’s NXT UK review, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and we have my return to reviewing NXT UK. I’m happy to be back at reviewing this show, especially during a time when WALTER/Ilya Dragunov will fight again, very soon. [C3PO] – Master Nathan! You have a fat ass! [Me] – Why you son of a b—ch! [Chewbacca] – ARRRRRRAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! (Chewbacca is shot) [C3PO] – Oh my word! You shot Chewbacca! [Me] – F—k that throw-rug mother-f—ker! Now…to make a tin-can out of you. [C3PO] – Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! [Me] – Why don’t you enjoy the review while I smash this aluminum hunk of s—t? See you down there. [C3PO] – Oh nooooooooo!!!!!!!!! [Me] – After this, I’m gonna kick that ATM machine’s ass too.

[Author’s Note: Trent Seven, a man accused of rape, and Blair Davenport, a woman accused of conspiracy against a possible victim of sexual assault, both of who are not yet found guilty or innocent in a court of law, are on this show and if that alarms of upsets you, then viewer discretion is advised].

Match #1: Kenny Williams b. Nathan Frazer

The following is courtesy of wwe.com:

Kenny Williams didn’t hesitate to break the rules to claim a victory against Nathan Frazer, but what else would you expect from someone who proudly calls himself The Scum of the Earth? Frazer, who has been on the biggest roll of his career with recent wins against Sha Samuels and Sam Gradwell, took control by launching himself head-over-heels above the top rope to wipe out Williams at ringside. Once Frazier appeared to suffer a knee injury, however, Williams meticulously attacked his newfound target. With Frazer fighting on one bad leg, The Scum of the Earth rammed his opponent shoulder-first into the exposed steel of the turnbuckle and landed Bad Luck to remain unbeaten since turning his back on former tag team partner Amir Jordan in remorseless fashion several months ago.

The Verdict: 6 out of 10 – I am the only Nathan! Me! No one else gets to have my first name! Nobody! F—k you Nathan Frazer! Kenny! Kill him! He took my name! Use your increasing skills as a wrestler to match up with the natural prowess of Frazer, whose incredible skills were readily noticeable in this bout. Make excellent use of different techniques in your offense! Wait…stop forgetting to use proper transitions. Frazer is doing better at that than you are. Hey! He’s the one holding the match together! Get your ass in gear you sissy-f—k! Stop letting the match stall in certain junctures! Hey! Frazer is relying on his agility too much in this match! That’ll knock a rating or two off! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! Get him Kenny! The f—ker stole my name! I’m the only Nathan! God damn iiiiiiiiiiiit!!!!!!!! This c—t’s gone too far! Who said he could have my name?! Bollocks! This is, like, hella jawn weird! The finish! The finish you ginty f—k! At least make the finish look good! There you go. Not bad. You both did a nice job wrestling a simple…die! Die Nathan Frazer! I’m stabbing you…stabbing you good! Squeal! Squeal! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEAL!!!!!!!! Good job Kenny. That’ll teach this prick to have the same first name as me. I am the only Nathan! Me! Me! Meeeeeeeeeee!

Match #2: Mark Andrews b. Lewis Howley

The following is courtesy of wwe.com:

Cliché or not, Mark Andrews knows about as well as anyone that it’s the size of the fight in the dog that counts. Andrews, who gave up a significant size advantage to NXT UK Tag Team Champion Lewis Howley, came up clutch in a pressure-packed bout, shaking off the pain of being whipped back-first into the ringside barricade and slammed face-first into the ring apron. When Sam Stoker distracted the referee from counting a potential pinfall, Flash Morgan Webster and Dani Luna hit the scene, and Luna dropped Stoker with a fireman’s carry takeover. Moments later, Andrews went airborne for a picture-perfect Fall to Pieces to earn the win. And after dismissing title match requests from Andrews and Webster for several weeks, Pretty Deadly now have no choice but to put the gold on the line against the former champions.

The Verdict: 6 out of 10 – This was a groovy kinda chicken cheese nougat. Marcandruze was excellent here. Marcandruze had on display a laudable amount of skill. Howley was crap! Howley can go blow himself! Howley was pussy-footin’ his way from move to move like the chode that he is! Marcandruze was like the Velvet Wind. His very essence was Velour Couture. Howley was a s—t-house b—ch! There were some nice offensive exchanges here that allowed this match to do more Howley is a slut. Guess what?! You lost Howley! F—k you, ya dink! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! If you like a medium-strength match with all-night sleep relief, then this decent match will Howley is a slut. [Lewis Howley] – You’re mean! [Me] – I’m sorry. [LH] – Okay. [Me] – I like ostrich soup.

Match #3: Blair Davenport b. Laura Di Matteo

The following is courtesy of wwe.com:

If her ring entrance and mysterious pre-match gaze are any indication, Blair Davenport seems to be one for theatrics. Carrying herself with what Nigel McGuiness called a “gothic charisma,” the ominous newcomer stormed out of the starting block, felling Laura Di Matteo with a series of quick strikes. Matteo briefly rallied with a clothesline and a DDT, but Davenport won her debut match when she blasted her foe with a vicious knee to the back of the head and a second to the face. After the bell, Davenport announced her arrival and vowed to conquer “the best Women’s Division on the planet.”

The Verdict: 4 out of 10 – Blair did well in her debut, while Laura held her end of the match together. Laura tried to leave her purse on the Davenport, but Blair was already on Di Matteo sipping a glass of Pina Cokissamyassa. For a match of only a few minutes, this was a match of decent attempts at having a visually striking array of action-packed moments.

Match #4: (Main Event) Trent Seven def. Eddie Dennis

The following is courtesy of wwe.com:

Trent Seven has never had any love lost for Eddie Dennis, and when Dennis had the audacity to interrupt The Don’s interview and deride him last week, that was seemingly the final straw for the former NXT Tag Team Champion. At the toll of the bell, Seven charged The Welsh Dragon and began hammering away on his nemesis with a series of blistering strikes. Seven attempted a Burning Hammer after a vicious exchange of fists and elbows in the center of the ring, but Dennis wiggled free and blasted his opponent with a superkick, prompting the arrival of Primate and T-Bone. Dennis’ comrades immediately made an impact, placing his foot on the ropes when it appeared Seven had secured the win. After wiping out T-Bone with a fearless dive through the ropes and taking down Primate with a right hand, Seven laid out Dennis on his second attempt at a Burning Hammer for the 1-2-3. Immediately after Seven triumphed, he was ambushed by Primate and T-Bone, who began laying the boots to The Don. Moments later, however, Tyler Bate hit the squared circle, and Moustache Mountain cleared the ring and planted Dennis with an assisted powerbomb. When Primate reentered the ring, he was met by a wicked nunchuck strike to the stomach from Bate, leaving him wheezing for air as NXT UK concluded.

The Verdict: 6 out of 10 – This was around the ten to eleven minute mark and it was a solid main event, but not the spectacular one I was hoping for. What can be said about a match that gives Seven a chance to get over his star-power as well as his wrestling skills? Good things…perhaps. The back-and-forth here was just fine and it made both look like they were on equal footing with one another. This had a nice rhythm to it, but wasn’t quite living-up to its potential either. Hey. It happens. The main point is that this was decent.

Final Verdict: 6/10

For an hour, this was an hour that did not falter, but it did not excite like it should have. NXT UK still feels like it is spinning its wheels waiting for the mud to clear out from under the tire. Well, I’ll be here to possibly see that day come. I’ll see you next time.


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