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‘WWE NXT’ Review (Jun 22nd 2021)

by Nathan Favel

Welcome to this week’s NXT review, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and Samoa Joe returned last week to become William Regal’s enforcer. I had an enforcer once…Timmy The Crippled Cub Scout. Timmy took a bullet for me…after getting smashed with a hammer, hit by a truck, smacked by an elephant, shot out of a cannon and set on fire…by me, after I found out that the little bastard was lying about being crippled just so he could get free money out of me! That little son of a bitch! Anyway, my son is fine now…asleep in his grave. Well, this took a dark turn. I made that all up, by the way…I think I did. Okay. I have to get back to being in prison for murder. Excuse me… Jack-Knife: Hey muthafugga! Y’all gettin’ ovah heeyah so we can shiv this white boy?! Me: Hell yeah! I ever tell you ’bout that time I killed my son and lied about him being crippled just so I could kill him for fun? JK: Hell yeah! (awake from dream) Me: Whoa. Hell of a dream. (goes to shower) Patrick Duffy: Care to join me? Me: Hell yeah! I ever tell you ’bout the time I killed my son and lied about him being crippled just so I could kill him for fun? PD: Wake up. (wakes up) Me: Whoa. These dreams suck. Where am I? Warden: You’re on prison planet GX113. Me: I didn’t kill my son for fun, did I? Warden: No. You’re wanted for inter-dimensional murder of 123 versions of yourself. Me: Oh. Right. I am Yu Law! I am nobody’s bitch! You are mine. Jascia: Let’s skin this f–k! Jardine: Yeah boys! There’s a whole planet of us. What’s this prick gonna do? Me: I will be The One! Kytos: HRAGHHHH!!!!! Me: Nice broken neck dick. Pathos: He just snapped his neck! Bruton: Get him! Me: Well, while I kill an endless supply of inter-galactic criminals, let’s see how NXT turned out.

Match #1: Adam Cole b. Carmelo Hayes

The following is courtesy of wwe.com:

Adam Cole initially insisted on deciding not to face anyone since no one in NXT is “on his level,” but Carmelo Hayes changed his mind quickly with a challenge and a slap to the face. Though Cole controlled much of the action, Hayes rallied back late with a furious rally until the former NXT Champion blasted him with a superkick and the Panama Sunrise for the win.

The Verdict: 7 out of 10 – Hayes was in the John Cena position (including the ruthless aggression promo) and gave what he got in a top-notch match. Cole did for Hayes what a lot of veterans did not used to do for new guys…sell. This was very athletic. I wasn’t expecting this to be more than a squash, so color me surprised. You get plenty of back and forth between these two and that made for a fabulous opener.

Match #2: Io Shirai/Zoey Stark b. Robert Stone Brand

The following is courtesy of wwe.com:

The Genius of the Sky returned to in-ring action for the first time since NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver more than two months ago, and it was immediately apparent she hadn’t missed a beat. Aliyah & Jessi Kamea outwitted the less experienced duo of Shirai & Zoey Stark until Shirai took over, putting Kamea away with a picture-perfect moonsault. With NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell already on hand to scout the competition, NXT Women’s Champion Raquel Gonzalez & Dakota Kai and Shotzi Blackheart & Ember Moon also joined the fray, which quickly degenerated into a chaotic brawl.

The Verdict: 4 out of 10 – This was standard fare. Nothing in here was unique or exciting, despite Io and Zoey putting in a solid performance.

Match #3: The Way b. Pete Dunne/Oney Lorcan

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With NXT General Manager William Regal ordering this match as a result of the earlier altercation, the NXT Universe was in for a treat. Dunne & Lorcan dominated much of the bout until Gargano caught fire. The match reached a break-neck pace, with Gargano spiking Lorcan with the One Final Beat DDT to seal the victory.

The Verdict: 7 out of 10 – Excellent is what this was. While not remarkable, this was easy viewing. You get kinetic action that always excites and I enjoy…excitement? That was dumb. What was not dumb was how much fun this breezy match was.

Match #4: Frankie Monet b. Elektra Lopez

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The encore was just as hard-hitting as the premiere for Franky Monet, who impressed once again in her second bout in NXT. Monet took care of business against Elektra Lopez, planting her with her own version of a Glam Slam to remain unbeaten.

The Verdict: 3 out of 10 – This was a squash with some hip swiveling from Lopez.

Match #5: Hit Row b. Ever-Rise

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Ever-Rise’s bid for payback on Hit Row missed the mark as Top Dolla & Ashante “Thee” Adonis were absolutely dominant, putting Matt Martel away with a devastating double team powerbomb into a neckbreaker.

The Verdict: 1 out of 10 – This squash match was s–t. It happens.

Match #6: (Main Event) Kyle O’Reilly b. KUSHIDA

The following is courtesy of wwe.com:

The dream match lived up to the hype with both competitors treating the audience to an expert showcase of counters, reversals and hard-hitting strikes, as well as a devastating bridging hammerlock suplex on the apron by Kushida. Kyle O’Reilly appeared to be in dire straits as NXT’s resident Time Splitter applied the Hoverboard Lock, only for O’Reilly to masterfully transition into a roll-up for the win, leaving Kushida in disbelief. The two Superstars exchanged respect until Adam Cole blindsided O’Reilly, and the bitter rivals brawled throughout the Capitol Wrestling Center with two weeks remaining before their showdown at NXT Great American Bash. Meanwhile, a hooded figure hit the ring and decimated Kushida, later revealing himself to be Roderick Strong, whom the NXT Universe hasn’t seen in months. Accompanied by Tyler Rust, Malcolm Bivens and another man, it was clear that The Diamond Mine had finally arrived in NXT.

The Verdict: 8 out of 10 – Well here you go. Now this was a main event. I wasn’t sure if this was gonna get enough time, but it did and I am happy. Kyle and KUSHIDA have a lot in common with their wrestling skills, which made for a tense battle. I enjoyed the way these guys always looked like they were ready to kill each other. It’s nice to just be able to turn the critical mind off and just enjoy the match. You can expect all of the normal NXT strikes and bumps here, but you get it with just a touch more of a competitive stroke as well. This was a fine main event and the best match on the show.

Major News:

  1. Diamond Mine debuted to attack KUSHIDA and it’s Malcom Bivens managing Hideki Suzuki, Tyler Rust and Roderick Strong, who seems to be the leader.
  2. The battery vignette is at 51%.

Final Verdict: 7/10

On a night where Samoa Joe teased feuding with Karrion Kross (who attacked The Way) and Pete Dunne, this was a show defined by the beginning and end, which featured Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly carrying the show before delivering a climactic brawl to help sell a feud that’s already been sold several times now. The middle of the show was decent, with one match standing out. Having someone like Jake Atlas get involved with Mercedes Martinez’s war with Tian Sha is good for his career right now. NXT tends to do a nice job with securing some attention for under-card wrestlers. That being said, I’d like to see more attention be paid to how the under-card feels about battling for NXT Championship contention. All these angles and story-lines make my head hurt. Keep it simple. In between LA Knight cutting a promo about attacking Ted Dibiase after becoming Million Dollar Champion, to Cameron Grimes seeking vengeance for Ted being attacked, to Ever-Rise spray-painting Hit-Row’s car to…keep it simple. Who’s the next contender to the NXT Championship? Tell me that first and then we can stumble around with all of these extra things you think are important and see if we can get somewhere. Well, this was a good show. Thank you for reading. I’ll see you next time.


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