21st Aug2020

‘Tribal: Get Out Alive’ Review

by Kevin Haldon

Stars: Zara Phythian, Ross O’Hennessy, Rachel Warren, Thomas Dodd, Valerie Thomas, Grayson James Matthews | Written by Johnny Walker | Directed by Matt Routledge

We are living in some extremely exciting times when it comes to British independent cinema. I mean yes, okay, Covid-19 has been a soul sucking bitch we could all do without but it has given us all a minute to admire what the true creatives are coming out with and I would say more low budget projects, thanks to Hollywood almost giving up on movies, are finding their day in the sun and I for one am hugely impressed with what I’ve seen so far… Tribal: Get Out Alive is one such flick that I have been keeping an eye on for a while now, especially as the cast and crew were dropping the odd behind the scenes teaser on social media. However I was not expecting this! Tribal: Get Out Alive is easily one of the better genre mashing flicks out there as director Matt Routledge takes some of your deepest fears and mixes them with some bad-ass, arse-kicking, top quality, action in a movie that is equal parts horror as it is martial arts. A movie that I’m told was made on a low to no budget (for more on the film making process check out our interview with the cast & crew of Tribal) but looks like it could kick it with some of your bigger budget fare. Seriously this movie is bloody gorgeous!

Tribal: Get Out Alive sees elite military personnel Caitlin Ross retire from service after suffering from PTSD, along with former team member and close friend Brad Johnson. They opt for the ‘easy life’ and now lead a small security firm. The company are hired by young, troublesome millionaire Richard Kenning to clear and secure the land and property he has recently inherited. Rumors and stories surrounding the land and buildings are dismissed until people start disappearing and the team end up locked in with no escape. It soon becomes apparent they are being hunted and the race is on to get out alive.

OK. Zara Phythian… Stand up and take a bloody bow… This bad-ass leading lady is no stranger to kicking arse on the big AND small screen but for my money this is her moment. Really. As Caitlin Ross, Zara not only gets to run around doing her action superstar thing, making the martial arts look super easy but she also gets to flex her leading lady acting muscle with a role that has some deep-rooted emotions, adding layer upon layer to the character. Add to all of this she is working on the stunt choreography, doing all her own stunts, and is one of the driving forces behind the flick as producer… Well like I say take a bow!

Fan favorite Ross O’Hennessy plays Caitlin’s right hand man and brother in arms Brad. Somewhat of an older brother and emotional crutch to Caitlin but don’t let that fool you these two need each other. The chemistry between these two leading actors is somewhat captivating, there is a real sense that they could finish each others sentences. Ross is also no slouch in the action territory with some cracking fight sequences, meanwhile pulling a comedic shift alongside Grayson Matthews.

Honestly, there is not a bad role in Tribal: Get Out Alive and the entire cast all seem to have this unspoken bond that I think only comes from working in independent cinema. Rachel Warren, an actress we have had our eye on for a while, plays Rebecca and gets one of my favorite scenes of the flick when it comes to characters having a ‘moment’. Grayson Matthews, as Ollie, has all the best comedic lines and is one of those actors that seems to be able to convey moments of levity with nothing but a look (look out for Grayson going forward I would say). Of course these moments are usually met with a condescending glance from O’Hennessey. Valerie Thomas comes into the film late in the day but instantly makes her presence known as a force in the movie.

NOW… This is a Brit flick… Every Brit flick needs one thing… A world class shit bag and Thomas Dodd as Richard Kenning is a world class shit bag. Talk about a slimy shit. I loved this guy and he plays the role to a tee – just dancing on the line of going over to the ham side of a villain and managing to keep himself believable. What a find Thomas Dodd is, a true revelation. He also does some awesome martial arts fighting too.

Evolutionary Films have picked this up for distribution in the UK and it is a perfect fit for them. Matt Routledge has made a truly impressive movie here on a nothing budget. Using all the best parts of Liverpool’s underground to bring an inviting yet dark and depressing setting. Location wise you could not ask for more, parts of these caves are just cinematic eye-gasms. Yeah I don’t know what else I can say apart from you absolutely should check out Tribal: Get Out Alive because ,as genre mashing goes, this one struck the exact balance that was needed and smashed it on every single level. Its a recommend from me obviously and I hope people pick it up for a bloody good night in with some popcorn!

Tribal: Get Out Alive is available on VOD across the UK now.


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