05th Sep2019

‘NXT UK’ Review (Sept 4th 2019)

by Nathan Favel

Welcome to this week’s NXT UK review, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and this is the show after the great Cardiff card from the weekend. Let’s see if I can get my car out of the ditch. Also, let’s review the show.


Match #1: Rhea Ripley def. Piper Niven

The following is courtesy of wwe.com:

Following a backstage brawl several weeks ago, Piper Niven went head-to-head with Rhea Ripley in a highly anticipated rematch. Piper emerged supreme the last time the bitter adversaries squared off, but the first-ever NXT UK Women’s Champion would not be denied this time. Both competitors fought tooth-and-nail and left everything they had in the ring, but Ripley took advantage of her opponent ‘s back injury by blasting Niven from behind before her finishing off with the Riptide. Each competitor holds a victory over the other, so who will win the third match if and when they once again battle each other in their continued quest for dominance?

My Opinion: 2.8 out of 5 – This was a simple, fun match that went for a decent amount of time, but never had the chance to do much else besides be there.

Match #2: (Main Event) Kassius Ohno def. Sid Scala

The following is courtesy of wwe.com:

After Assistant to the General Manager Sid Scala revealed that Jack Gallagher was not medically cleared to face his scheduled opponent Kassius Ohno, the self-professed “Wrestling Genius” crashed the interview and informed Scala that he needed to find him a replacement. After conversing with General Manager Johnny Saint, Scala revealed that Ohno’s opponent would be … him! Fresh off handing Ilja Dragunov his first loss in NXT UK several weeks ago, Ohno was a tall order for Scala, who hadn’t competed on NXT UK since becoming Saint’s right-hand man. Still, the quick-moving grappler showed no fear as he held his own and gave Ohno more of a fight than he may have bargained for. Nevertheless, despite Scala scoring several near-falls, Ohno roared back and drilled his gusty adversary with the Dream Crusher to the back of the head, claiming a decisive victory.

My Opinion: 3 out of 5 – This was an interesting pairing. Ohno and Sid did well for a stunt, more or less. I like Ohno clobbering a very energetic Sid and it made for a refreshing match.

News Of The Night:

  1. The Grizzled Young Veterans get their re-match for the NXT UK Tag Team Titles, next week.
  2. Tegan Nox will wrestle, next week.

Final Verdict: 3.2/5

This worked out pretty well for a show with very little in it.


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