02nd Jul2019

‘The Special’ Review

by Kevin Haldon

Stars: Davy Raphaely Dave Sheridan, Sarah French, Janae Palmer, Paul Cottman, Christina DiNicolo, Susan Moses, Wayne Shearer, Doug Henderson | Written by James Newman, Mark Steensland | Directed by B. Harrison Smith


It truly is the age old tale of… Man is convinced to cheat on his wife… Man sticks his pecker somewhere he probably shouldnt… Man becomes obsessed with doing so… Life is about to spiral into a deep dark pit of sex, addiction and well it needs to be seen to be believed!

I mean we all know someone this has happened to, Right??

The Special is… Well its something else, lets just say that from the outset. Its been a while since I watched a flick that I quite honestly was slightly dumbfounded, yet highly gripped and entertained by. I bought into having to see this movie after having been sent the trailer with a cheeky note saying “Hey man check this out”, couple that with the fact that our director here is B.Harrison Smith the man behind Death House (billed as the Expendables of Horror) and 2014’s Camp Dread. So there is pedigree to be had here and this flick looked like something just a little bit different.

Throw in familiar faces like Dave Sheridan (Doofy from the Scary Movie franchise) and Doug Henderson a man you may remember me raving about for his role in previously reviewed Admins, this time picking up a producing credit as well. I was interested.

So What’s The Special about?

Well… Jerry (Davy Raphaely) is convinced that his wife is cheating on him. After a few post work drinks with his work buddy Mike (Dave Sheridan) he is convinced to seek out pleasure in a Psychics Parlour slash Brothel. However no ordinary woman will do, Mike wants his buddy to experience The Special… The problem is The Special is something you cant just have once and Jerrys life is about to spiral out of control as he is consumed by an obsessive compulsive addiction that leads to the collapse of everything he knows and loves. Leaving this viewer thinking ‘man I really should be careful what I wish for’. Throw in an angry russian, angry wife, some nosey neighbours, a surly motel owner and a solid as hell practical FX team and you have just ordered yourself The Special.

First thing I’m going to do is give huge credit where credit is due – to DOP Matt Nease, because this flick looks a million bucks. I was instantly drawn in by the Micheal Mann-esque overhead shots. There are some real nice shots in here that actually take away some of the… for lack of a better term ‘more wackier’ aspects of this flick and keep them just this side of silly.

On that, I really like this story and what its doing. Its very much a commentary on what can happen to us when we have too much of a good thing. Yes, where the movie is heading to is a tad mental but its really no different to any other form of addiction and is treated as such with some really solid charater work. Davy Raphaely, as Jerry, is completely believable as a man who is just loosing his sh*t in the chase for that high; it does not matter who he hurts he will do anything to protect his new love. Raphaely is really having to do some weird ass sh*t in this movie yet never once crosses the line of being just plain campy silly nonsense. Dave Sheridan and Sarah French (as Jerrys wife Lisa) are really holding down the straight factor in this flick with Sheridan showing off more than just his comedy chops.

I would absolutely recommend you check The Special out. In the hands of a lesser cast and crew this movie could easily have turned into a total cheesefest however with a solid script, real tight cinematography and a conviction to the story the director wanted to put across, they have created a little gem here. Now thats not to say its perfect but for me this crew set out with a vision and its up there for all to see and it looks good, sounds good and feels good? Oh crap, did I unwittingly stick my pecker some place I shouldn’t have?

If and when you get a chance, check out The Special.

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