02nd Jul2019

‘The Special’ Review

by Kevin Haldon

Stars: Davy Raphaely Dave Sheridan, Sarah French, Janae Palmer, Paul Cottman, Christina DiNicolo, Susan Moses, Wayne Shearer, Doug Henderson | Written by James Newman, Mark Steensland | Directed by B. Harrison Smith It truly is the age old tale of… Man is convinced to cheat on his wife… Man sticks his pecker somewhere he probably […]

28th Mar2017

‘Admins’ Review

by Kevin Haldon

Stars: Jay Saunders, Doug Henderson, Rebecca Wahls, Devon Brookshire, Dylan Hares, Trevor Desaussure, Joe Hansard | Written by Eric Espejo, Korosh Karimi | Directed by Aaron Goodmiller Glengarry Glen Ross, Clerks, A Few Good Men, The Big Short, Office Space and Waiting. What do these flicks have in common? No matter the genre they fall […]