24th Apr2019

Is It Impossible For College Dropouts To Have A Good Career?

by James Smith


More people than ever are choosing to go to college which means that the job market is becoming more competitive as more and more people get degrees. So many people think that they need to go to college and get a degree, otherwise, they’re never going to get a job. The problem is, college isn’t for everybody and if you decide to go even though you’re not suited to it, there’s a chance that you’ll end up dropping out.

There are a lot of different reasons that people end up dropping out of college. Sometimes, they just can’t keep up with the workload or maybe they end up living with somebody they hate. Some people just decide that they don’t enjoy it and they don’t want to spend 4 years of their life in college, especially considering how much it’s going to cost. Whatever the reasons, dropping out of college is a big decision and one that you should think about carefully. There will be people that tell you that it’s never a good idea but that isn’t true. You still have other options outside of college and as long as you think it through carefully, you can still have a good career. If you’re considering dropping out of college or you’ve already dropped out, these are some of the best ways to move forward.

Continue With Education

A traditional college isn’t the only way to get an education so dropping out doesn’t mean that you have to give up on getting a degree completely. A lot of people drop out because they don’t enjoy the lifestyle, but they still want to learn. The best option for those people is to enroll in a college like Aston Online that offers the same degree courses but you can do them remotely. There are so many benefits to doing this because you can do it from wherever you like and you don’t have to engage with the traditional college lifestyle. It’s also more flexible and you can complete courses in your own time which means you can work more hours outside of your studies and reduce the financial burden.

As well as online degrees, you could look into other forms of education. There are some jobs that require a college degree but a lot don’t and there are better ways to get ahead in those careers. Apprenticeships are a good one for a career in the trades, for example, because you’ll get a lot more hands on experience alongside your studies and it’s far better suited to people that don’t like being stuck in a classroom all of the time.

Find Entry Level Positions

If you’ve got a degree, you can usually enter a company at a higher level, however, a lot of employers are now starting to favor job experience over qualifications. That’s why it might be better to look for entry level positions in the field that you’re interested in and try to work your way up. In the 4 years that you would have spent in college, you can progress quite far up the ladder and end up in the same position that you would have done if you came in with a degree, but you’ll have 4 years of wages behind you.

Improve Your Skills

When you’re trying to find jobs and you don’t have formal education, employers will look at your skills, so it’s important that you develop them and learn new skills as much as possible. There are so many ways that you can do this. Job experience is the most obvious way so think back to any jobs that you’ve had, even part time jobs when you were younger, and consider the transferable skills that you learned. You can also pick up other valuable skills by taking online courses in things like social media marketing or coding. There are some good free ones out there and the paid ones aren’t too expensive. By taking the time to improve your skills, you make yourself more valuable and show potential employers that you’re willing to invest in yourself.


Networking is something that you’re always encouraged to do at college so you can improve your prospects once you graduate, but there’s no reason that you can’t network if you’re a college dropout as well. Sites like LinkedIn are great for networking but normal social media sites are good as well. Look at companies that you’re interested in working for and try to network with influential people there. You should also try to attend networking events in your chosen industry as well.

A lot of people will tell you that it’s going to be impossible to get a job if you’re a college dropout but that just isn’t true. You’ll still be able to have a great career if you follow these steps.

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